Equipment thefts

Labour MP dishing dirt on MOD/Forces.

Any particular reason or just the incessant chipping away at an organisation they despise

She is a Liverpool MP and therefore should be qualified to comment on thieving I suppose
An in true media stylee, article leads with a phot of some seriously cool techo gear

An all terrain terrestrial Remote Controlled Vehicle (RCV), fitted with a camera unit produced by Robosynthesis

Which has not been mentioned in the article, has not been stolen, in fact has nowt to do woth the article at all...but leads the punter to believe.....

they couid have posted a picture of a goldfish and it would have had similer relevance
Has it actually been robbed, or has a lot of it just been mislaid? I know a lot of people will think how the hell do you lose a Bedford or an airframe? But stranger things do happen.

£30,000 worth of clothing, does it say it was lost in a oner? Think about it, 5 or complete issues including ECBA could easily top 30k especially for the prices the MOD pays for things! I'm pretty sure I remember being billed about £11 for a pair of socks in Deutschland, at those sort of prices 30k is **** all.
According to the MP the kit stolen was sufficient to launch a 'small coup'. Having considered those items that were apperently nicked I can only presume that any prospective coup would not only be small but short lived and utter shite.


The real crime is the Labour MP who is on good terms with one of Blairs offsprings had nothing to do with merseyside until parachuted into safe Labour seat by Labour head office.


War Hero
£30,00 quids worth of clothing ?, that must have been one hell of a drying room..

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