"Equipment shortage or not" report help

I have to do a report for school on an individual investigation of my choice.

I'm choosing the apparant equipment shortage/equipment shittyness of the british army.

I was woundering if anyone would like to be quoted on their oppinion, for and against, if to just post below.

If so please put at the end of the post what you would like to be named i.e. Jonny Soldier/Pte Soldier/Anonymous

Actualy save anyone worrying about a reporter reading this and quoting send me a PM and i'll be glad to use it.
Reporters write about this and make a big thing over nothing. The kit is fine and does what its meant to do. And unless you have close dealings with the kit or procurement, your report wont be very good as you wont have the detail.
If you want a better title then look at shortage of troops to hold ground gained etc.

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