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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Belepheron1, Dec 8, 2006.

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  1. anyone recomend anywhere to go in Brecon to get kit repaired
  2. Bridges? Trucks? Messtins? Webbing?

    Narrow it down a bit old chap

    If it's kit as in clothing and personal eqpt, have a chat with they live at Sennybridge Camp, will probably be able to point you in the right local direction.
  3. Off topic, but why is brecon one of the more populer exercise areas? It's clearly the most un-natural place ever. You do not get wide open hilly plains and then every now and then and box-shaped clump of tree's in the real war zones.

    I :? :?
  4. aha but what if a war were to break out in Brecon itself?

    the training would have been ideal then wouldn't it?
  5. it's cos we can't find anywhere to dump loads and loads of sand......sea level would drop...icebergs in the channel....globalwarming...wibble.. :wink: :p
  6. I thought it was so that wherever you were fighting you would be glad it wasn't as bad as Brecon :D
  7. my question is, why ask in the sappers forum about kit repair??????? in brecon of all places??? just curious you see
  8. In the Good old Bad Old days, there used to be an equipment repair man in the Fd Sp Sqns.

    Think we offloaded that to the Loggies along with Posties and the non-glamorous aspects of Bomb Disposal. :D

    In about 02/03 the RRW used to have a Bn Equip Storeman who could repair Bergens, webbing etc.

    Same detail for the Gurkhas in the Falklands recently.

    Could be an Inf thing now!
  9. ahhh I see. showing my age (or lack thereof!!!)

    fair one!!!!!!
  10. Lordy we didnt have a chappie like that when I joined in 83, mind you in 45 Fd Sp sqn there was more time and money spent on repairs on that frigging steam tractor than repairing anything else.

    Priam was this chappie authorised to repair Berghaus bergens, cos for the first 12 years or so of my time in the Corps they were the only bergans I ever saw
  11. Having given a frivolous reply earlier I feel I ought to make a sensible one. I presume this fellow wants his webbing repairing. Practically all webbing repairs can be done by sewing. It's well worth learning how to do this either by hand or with a machine. Most electric sewing machines don't have the power to sew webbing so find an old treadle one.

    For the machine use strong linen thread. Don't worry if you can't get the right colour, just touch it up with a marker pen.

    You can use the same sort of thread manually but heavy saddlers thread and leather needles are better. Get a thimble too and a pair of fine nose pliers to pull the needle through. Practice on some odds and ends and you'll soon find what works and what doesn't. Copy the way the webbing is stitched by the factory. If you find a good saddler he will have press-studs and buckles too and the tools to fit the press studs.

    Once learned you only need a small addition to your housewife and you can be confident of repairing your webbing or clothing wherever the army sends you.

    Some of the bits you will want can be found here including the strong thread. Leather stitching techniques are generally suitable for webbing.

    Hope this helps,

    Ex STAB
  12. I think it was mainly for tarpaulins etc but he could and did make unauthorised mods, repairs to Webbing etc normally for a yellow handbag!!
  13. Yellow Handbags, now theres a blast from the past. I can recall getting my car through its BFG purely because of a yellow handbag being in the boot, as it was REME full screws that did them then.
  14. Currency of Champions