Equipment repairers course

Many years ago I was in the RN attached to 45 Cdo RM in Norway. One of the Marines was an equipment repairer and made me a custom day/patrol sack similar in design to a Munro, but larger. It was a truly brilliant piece of kit which lasted me ten years before I rather stupidly sold it by which time it was still as good as the day it was made. It cost me just 20 Pounds.

Is there an equipment repairers course in the army? or have we become a throw away micro society?

That Patrol sack was the best piece of kit I ever brought and I would love to produce things like that myself.

(There was, back in the 80's, a CSM in the Wessex regt who was a dab hand at producing kit and knocked up bergens for his company at a very reasonable price)


Yes, it's open to all cap badges. I believe the TA cse is 2 weeks.

In my day (god I feel old) this was one of the most sort after courses, very rarely would you use your skills in the unit, as repairs would be sent away, but you would make a fortune repairing and adding to webbing etc.

When you did use your skills in camp the equipt Repairers would spend all day sat in the Gun Park sticthing trailer canopys and gossiping like a knitting circle

Added to say, yes there is an Army course (got a feeling its All Services though)

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