Equipment Recived at Basic

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by downunder87, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. I will be starting basic training in Aug and I was wondering what equipment (clothes etc) will I receive when I get there.
  2. You will get all your military kit issued so dont go buying anyhing extra. If you speak to your ACIO and ask for your Joining Instructions they will have a kit and documents list what you are required to take. All the ATR's are similar but its best to get everything off the JI's for the specific ATR your attending. You will probably find your recruiter was going to give it to you on your attestation with your train warrant but can ask for it earlier (should be on release now on the computer) to give plenty of time proior to starting. Good luck
  3. Do you feel sh!t if you could've bought something that didn't or forgot something? :oops:

    Also, what is the exact way that the weapon you have is decided? Cause.. like.. I was wondering how a good score on a shooting test rewards you with a heavier weapon :wink:
  4. the heaviest weapon the RE will see will use is the GPMG and possibly M-LAW. closely followed by the mulit purpose L1A1/A2 Shovel RE, or some times known as the "singing shovel". if you are good with it expect to use it, what is the use of not using talent !.