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what happens to vehicles & equipment that are replaced by newer editions? The main example that comes to mind is the WMIK, that is being replaced by the Jackal. What is happening to the old Wmiks, are they kept in theatre as reserve, or being brought home, de-kitted, and sold?

if being sold/disposed of, would it instead be a better idea to pass wmiks/saxons(?) etc to units that lack said vehicle types back in the UK to enable better tactical training. Speaking from a TA point of view, very very rarely does my unit have anything other than a LR with canopy stripped off to simulate operational vehicles. A stripped down landie does not a mastiff make!
Usually, the first time we will see a Snatch/Wmik etc is either in pre tour training or on arrival in theatre where we have to develop new skills and drills etc. If available back in the unit, then our exercises could be spiced up, and enable us to hit the ground running in PDT/ops.
Obviously, we will need to get soldiers trained to drive snatches/saxons etc, but again, getting it done in unit enables the soldier to have more time for conversion to type or other skills training before tours.
4 snatches, saxons or wmiks assigned to a battalion (or even brigade as a pool for training) would allow the private soldiers used to operating out of armoured vehicles, NCO's to command the vehicle and the officers used to controlling a platoons worth and so on.
I am not including weapons in this, i understand that they go where needed and will trickle down eventually once there is enough. But vehicles ending their operational life could still enable a higher level of training realism...
Look at Withams etc. And then ask yourself what's partially funding the purchase of Jackal, Mastiff et al.

Not so much the side of the business that sells them to the chaps that keep them green and polish them in the garage as the large tender sales.... Moolah.


A lot go to ashchurch or up for civi sale.


I fully agree though any vehicles would assist pre deployment training. We had to beg borrow and steal 2 Snatch 2s and that we got them was a proper result for a platoon+


I think the WMIK's will be reconfigured to GS / FFR role. Can't say for definite though.

Any WMIK or HS spec landys that go to tender are usually in a very poor state.


Jackal is not replacing WMIK - it is an enhancement. Those older model WMIKs which return to UK are being converted to, I think, R-WMIK standard. As much as the MoD would like to be able to give them to the TA any 'spare' WMIKS are required to supplement the OTEP fleet and other Field Army units who are deploying. In addition MoD are trying to rebuild a contingent capability which will require WMIK etc so don't expect to see any in the near future.
Place a bid through Bde for training vehicles. If they are held within the Bde then you may get them for training if not you may get some from TFSU but you will need 90 days lead time.

People try to self help when setting up for training and exercises rather than looking outside for borrowing kit.

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