Equipment for starting sandhurst

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by whodat, Mar 21, 2010.

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  1. We were asked to buy a head torch and just wondered which ones are up to much. Someone recommended the Petzl ones with a red filter and also a couple of smaller canoe bags. A medium and the small ones but what size constitutes a medium and small (Litre)?

    Also can anyone recommend a decent watch which will fulfill all my needs?
  2. This is the torch you want, don't get a DPM one unless you want to look like a merkin.

    One canoe bag bergan sized, one daysack sized and a couple for your side pouches.

    Any subdued watch that shows the time accurately doesn't light up like a beacon and you can synchronise easily. Oh and waterproof.
  3. Buy Ortliebs for your bergen: 110L for the main compartment, 59L (I think, around that) for daysack and two 19L for the side-pouches/general waterproofing.

    A load of A4-sized resealable plastic bags will come in very handy for quickly waterproofing anything from paper to the spare socks in your webbing, keeping brew kit in, etc.

    Petzl E-lite's a decent head-torch too, clips to your helmet elastics. Stock up on batteries though as it takes those coin-shaped ones which can be hard to find.
  4. I agree with Bravo_Zulu but I'd say the 110 is FAR too big. You don't need to / wont have the time to stuff your bivvy bag in there so i would go for a much smaller one, i.e. 50odd liter for your bergan since the actual amount of stuff you carry in the main pouch is minimal.
  5. 110l does me nicely; can't get the bouncing bomb into anything much smaller, and it's much harder-wearing than the bivvy bag as a bergen liner. You can always squash the air out of it if you're putting your daysack into your bergen as well.
  6. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    110 litre for the bergan main compartment. Accept no other substitutes!
  7. What Bravo_Zulu said for Ortlieb bags.

    Regarding headtorch though I'd go Petzl Tikka so you don't have to worry about non-standard batteries.

    For a rugged watch I'd reccomend an H3 (used to be called Traser). I know many people don't like them but mine has lasted 9 years and several op tours, with one battery change and the hands still glow pretty brightly.
  8. To echo spaz, DPM works very well when you drop it as well i.e. gone. Same applies for pens.
  9. Why? Has Sandhurst stopped? ;-)
  10. Did you guys know the thick black bergan liners are avaliable though the system?


    Its not the green thin draw string one if anyone is thinking that.
  11. Petzl Tikka Plus 2 is great, I just recently bought one, takes 3 AAA and with 10% off at Blacks it's about 30 pounds.
  12. Thanks for the responses, does anyone know for deffinate the size in litres of the bergen side pouches?

    also what am I looking for in a watch? What do i need it to do?
  13. A mate of mine demanded loads for herrick 8 and sinc then the supply response has been 'SF only'. 8O
  14. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Ortlieb bags in the side pouches are personal choice thing. I think they're about 12L each, but I rate the exped ones more - thinner and so take up less space, just as waterproof really.
  15. I really don't get that. I mean I understand SF need good kit but do the civvys that buy this stuff really think only SF kit gets wet?

    If an item is in the system and you need it for your role you should be issued with it.