Equipment Disposal Agency - MOD Landrovers.

I have a friend who is in the classic car business - and believe it or not those sheds we used to batter up and down the plain are big business to certain buyers.

He is certain there are no disposal agencies that don't sell in bulk - whereas I am sure I have seen individual lots in the dim and distant past.

So - does anybody from the Dark arts of G4 know of a disposal agency that sells ex MOD Landrovers individually - or even point me to a website?

Thanks in anticipation.
The usual MOD method for disposal of old and worn out vehcles is actually deploy them on Operatons.
The_Coming_Man said:
The usual MOD method for disposal of old and worn out vehcles is actually deploy them on Operatons.
whilst selling perfectly good ones through Witham!
I didn't want to start a new thread, so just going to necro this one.

I wondered if anyone would be kind enough to give an honest appraisal as to the quality of Landrovers on sale generally. Are they thrashed into an inch of their life or generally in good nick?

Common sense tells me it's more likely to be a bit of a lottery, but I'm keen to find out the general state of anything put out to pasture...

Basically if it was your money would you go to a commercial dealer or try a punt with the mob above?
If I remember the system correctly each vehicle has a pot of money to pay for it, including maintenance. Once this cash is used up they are flogged.

So you might get one that has just had a full refit and is just needing a new tire, or one that has been flogged to death and needs the whole hog.

No way to tell without seeing the vehicle, but there are definitely some great quality vehicles out there, along with some right pigs.

I don't know if it's still the case, but the yellow ones were generally considered to be the best bet. Low mileage and never taken off road.
I live very close to Withams and pop in every month to view the auction stuff, mainly buying and collecting radios for my uncle. The vehicles on sale are basically what you pay for is what you get. There are lots of very good condition landys that start at £1500 and upwards of that. I have also seen the ex mod staff cars and there is some very good bargains to be had.

They dont just sell mod stuff, they also sell VOSA vehicles too


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The chap who sold me my Bedford was called Graham, top bloke and if you go and see him he'll tell you what's worth having. I spent a lot of time with him. It'll cost you more than the auction though, bargain over the price as well.
Basically, like anything else, you need to know what you're doing. The "watch for" points and how a good Lanny should look, sound and feel.

Accepted wisdom is that RAF vehicles are the best cared for, although the availability of long, uncluttered stretches of straight tarmac means that they've often been drag raced. RM vehicles equally have a rep for having had hard lives, with the army being somewhere in the middle. In practice I have found little to choose between them.
I purchased my 90 soft top 2.5 from L Jackson & Co. They fully prepped the landy before handing over, sand blasted & repainted the chassis & body, new canvas, switched the tyres to new ones, MOT'd it, registered it, fitted the plates, even filled the tank up !. Now had it for 7 years & clocked up 265,000 on the clock & the old gal is still going strong. A very very good reliable vehicle from them.

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