Equiniti - Complaint!

In short I have been waiting over 40 days for a replacement shares certificate from Equiniti and am feed up.

At the beginning of June I sent off an indemnity form along with a cheque for a replacement shares cert. Cheque cashed on the 10th June and by the following week nothing had arrived so I called them to find out what had happened, I was told that they had no record of my form being delivered. You must have, says I, you cashed the cheque! This followed three weeks of me call to chase up a new Indemnity form. They ended up having to fax one over on the 3rd July, I signed it and posted it back - Not registed mail! - My mistake.
I called them again today and was told nothing had arrived, nothing was on the system and some one will call me back in the afternoon. By 17:20 no one had called so I called them only to be hung up one. 17:30 is their home time.

Now call me old fashioned but having to wait over 40 days (and counting) is taken p1ss. Can anyone suggest my next course of action?

Can I complain to the FSA?
Can I take them to the small claims court as the stock has gone down 12.5% since Mid June (when I should have recieved the replacements).

Does any one have their CEO's email address (Bill Dye)?

Any Legal Eagles about?

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