2p a day = about enough to buy a packet of jamrags for a month, plus some Kleenex to wipe the tears of rage from their eyes.

Can't explain the stage 3 jump, though...


Not being an expert but surely it costs more than 60p a month for a packet of tampons (or do they club together?)
Maybe it's just a token gesture on behalf of our funders.  Better than letting our female of the species bleed all over those lovely fitted MCTC sheets...?


But that means they have to save up for over 2 months before they can afford a packet. :D  What do they do in the meantime?
Ewww good god man, how old are you?

A quick lesson in periods -

Average woman, with light bleed would need AT LEAST 7 per day - they have to be changed every 4 hours, to lessen the possibility of Toxic Shock Syndrome.  They should also use Sanitary Towels at night, rather than tampons.

That's a lot more that 60p per month fool.

Plus did you know that we pay VAT on sanitary wear - like it's a luxury you could do without - don't get me started.......
Like razor blades.... :(
Didn't realise that women were locked up as well.

What could those angelic creatures do that was so bad as to deprive them of their freedom

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