Equality law could bar white men from jobs

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by benv88, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. It is a bloody joke to call this "equality". Stupid beyond belief. This crap would harm everyone over time and not just white men.
  2. WAH!

    Its in the Daily(Hate)Mail, stoopid!
  3. Not a workable idea, so it won't happen. And yup, it's in the Hate: "Fear Everything! Fear Everything!"
  4. and would you like to explain the significance of these two numbers in your user name to the forum? :roll:
  5. Well 88 is too high for it to be his IQ.
  6. Sixty

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    Thank God the monthly 'white men are the most downtrodden and ill-treated people in the UK' thread has arrived at last!

    I was getting worried.
  7. To be fair this article was on the radio 4 PM show, on Monday.

    According to the show this has been the subject of a green paper.
  8. As a woman, whose occasionally been discriminated against I feel that this particular law is the most stupid thing I've ever heard. :roll: This doesn't sound like equality to me. Discrimination is discrimination regardless whether it is positive in favour of someone, or negative against someone.

    If it was a law being introduced to bar black men and women from jobs the do gooding tree huggers would be the first to start bitching on about it. :x

    And if 2 people are equally qualified for a job, then other aspects like personality, drive and charisma need to be considered. Only the employer themselves can make that decision not some over promoted government tree hugger. In fact, Harriet Harman gives bonafida tree huggers a bad rep! :wink:
  9. Spoken like a true Non-White Person! :twisted:
  10. It is already happening across the world, for example Canada and the USA have similar laws already in place 'affirmative action', I agree though it is not a workable idea in practice

    nope :roll:

    :cry: I'm glad you figured that out from the whole 3 posts I have made on this board

    Anyway, despite nothing being in motion yet, I don't find it too far fetched that given the current 'political correctness' attitude of Britain and its desire to appear 'multi-cultural', laws like this may come about. They may not really effect your average business, but institutions such as the police force they will have a significant effect on. I have friends in California, who tell me when white males apply to a sheriff's department, they are told in no uncertain terms to bugger of because they are not a minority and are not female.

    Such laws in the UK would only serve to patronise those its trying to protect and help.

    If this is not a current affair, please go ahead and insult my intelligence further :)

    and to save someone else the effort of posting it i will go ahead and do it..... W-A-H :wink:
  11. Good spot.

    Traditionally used by nazis as short for the eigth letter of the alphabet, 88 being HH, being Heil Hitler. I guess the guy's one of the adolf-fond fraternity.
  12. Actually it is significant because Professional golfer Kathy Whitworth, throughout her playing career won 88 LPGA Tour tournaments, more than anyone else has won on either the LPGA Tour or the PGA Tour. Combined with the fact there's 88 keys on a piano (36 black and 52 white), as im an avid lover of female golf tournaments and the piano 8O well either that or it happened to be the first numbers i hit on my keyboard after i was informed 'bdv' was to short of a user name :wink: I didn't realise there was an 'eigth' letter in the alphabet however
  13. Not a problem. Just tell them you're gay - that trumps colour and sex.
  14. ... and it seems persons awarded employment for PC reasons can sue if they can't do the job - LINKYCLICKYTHINGY