Equality & human rights commision under fire again!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ex_colonial, Mar 13, 2010.

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  1. Trevor Phillips's EHRC under fire again see below


  2. I wouldn't worry. They will cease to exist at 0900 on 7 May. I hear the HQ will be turned into the Harriet Harman School of Pole Dancing.
  3. They managed to bring the BNP to book, for all their problems.
  4. He got the job because he ticked all the boxes.... black/tv prompt reader/said all the policially correct crap etc.,
    Pity he is f@cking useless at the actual job ....[s worth]. Another quango that should go to the wall in May.
  5. Like all modern racist organisations, the BNP claims to represent victims of discrimination.

    The more idiots attack the BNP, the more people believe that white people are discriminated against.

    The EHRC's attacks on the BNP have probably gained the BNP a million votes.

  6. Just a shame he didnt do the same against the other racist/ethnic/minority groups isnt it.

    The NBPA or the MCB or the BMEH or the BBA or the GBA or the ILGA or the GPA, shall I go on?

    Funny how most always only think its the BNP who are wrong, yet manage to forget the others which by the same token, are in fact breaking the same rights and rules.

    Im thinking of voting conservative btw ~Whet, before you start.
  7. Yep. Who'd even heard of the BNP in 1997? They were a dot on the political horizon. Now Labour have saved us from them there are more people who could name the leader of the BNP than could name the leader of the Lib Dems.

    Who knows, if the Tories manage to shoot themselves in the feet any more before the election, BNP might gather enough protest votes for a seats in the UK Parliament as well as the Euro Parliament.

    Oh - and don't forget that Mandelson was best man at Trevor Philips wedding. Surely that makes Trev the best man to ensure that no minorities get offended by fairies on the Christmas tree, non-halal meat in the prison canteen or blatant racists demanding white coffee in Starbucks.
  8. If BNP do get some seats it will be because the lib/lab/con professional politicians are so out of touch with the grass roots & have forgotten the British people who vote for them!
    The BNP are seen to be addressing what most voters feel are KEY points, halting immigration & removing illegals, stopping the "bogus asylum" farce, exiting the EU, scrapping all useless "human rights" & multicultural lip service, halting the waste of billons of pounds funding dubious "climate change" schemes and supporting corrupt third world countries, stopping the ever increasing pandering to islamification in Britain, bringing our troops back from Afghanistan and halting corruption in westminster!
    Whether all or any of this is feasible is debateable, however the BNP would appear to be the only party OPENLY addressing these topics!
    Possibly it would be no bad thing if they did get a few MP's elected, it might make the other main parties wake up and realise that the average Brit is fed up with being treated as a SECOND CLASS citizen in his own country!
  9. Imagine how many seats they would get if they did not keep harping on about colour...
    Folk have the RIGHT to sign up and wear HM uniform and go and serve overseas fighting Tony Blur's Wars.
    and if they done have they should.
    Starting with Blurs Brats.