Equality for the able-bodied!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by clownbasher, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. Deleted as taken the wrong way...
  2. Tell you what, Clownbasher. You can have a special bog when you've got special needs.
  3. Repost You big wet :D
  4. Awww, this looks like it could have been fun.
    What got deleted?


  5. I clicked on that with eager anticipation. Deflated, I will have to finish my w@nk now....
  6. Damm ,looked like the makings of a good thread, mind you Mrs WW has often taken it the wrong way :)

  7. Come on Clownbasher. Put the original post back, or at least PM me with what you wrote.

    If people are getting offended then it must have been funny.
  8. Post the original link, the the masses decide on whether it has a home in the NAAFI.

    The oversensitive can play in the garden or fcuk off or something?
  9. Only two people replied before clownbasher took off his posting. So...who's the sensitive one?
  10. MDN must be obeyed. Repost.
  11. I'm not sure it was all that exciting. Unusually for a NAAFI bar posting, I'm afraid it was not directly offensive about the physically handicapped, more a demand that we should all be able to enjoy the facilities they get, for example the disabled loo in our new office which is a great place to take the paper and spend some time 'doing business'.
  12. without a repost, I demand that MDN writes one for you...

    *think of it as community support

  13. sounds fair to me...when you need a really big pooh, it can be quite crippling!
  14. I always use the disabled bog - they are larger, get less use, usually have bog-roll and they have loads of bars and things you can grip when trying to squeeze that extra large turd out...

    They also make excellent venues for porking a ladyfriend - again the bars come into play, and can permit unconventional positioning...