Equality for All ! and harrassment claims for workshy B******s

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DesktopCommando, Oct 1, 2010.

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  1. Equality Act: New Law That Could See Controversial Jokes Banned In The Workplace Comes Into Effect | Business | Sky News

    this will be interesting !
  2. So there was this Rabbi,a Scotsman,a nun and a donkey.....................
  3. if your too stupid to tell the diffrence between the naffi bar and a place of work you desrve all the crap thats going to head your way.
    I say thats as part of a charity that got taken for a ride by a complete ****** his complaint was a bag of shit but we did'nt follow are own ******* policy so ended up looking like a bunch of ******* muppets.
    if your going to emp[loy people or rent out property at least read the idiots guide to employment/property law
  4. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Well if the act is as it reads in the article then its a flagship example of the sort of half-baked legislation that the last government specialised in. Being able to sue your employer if you are offended by proxy FFS?
  5. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    What if you are employed in the NAAFI Bar?

    That is a fatuous statement you made - but just as expected from you.

  6. Is that right? So what happens when someone oblects to someone else reading the sun (Page 3 being offensive?), what happens when two people are talking about something that was on TV the night before and someone on the other end of the office decides to be offended over what is said? What do you suggest happens in the military when we put dyslexic people on other tasks because they cant be trusted to get the work right?

    Badly thought out legislation thats going to cost the country a fortune.
  7. Welcome to the modern Corporate World. I have worked in a few FTSE 100 companies and there is just no conversation or opinion. Most people come in, work in silence and leave at the end of the day. Conversation is strictly limited to work matters and work matters only.
  9. Yeah. You need to get out of McDonalds and do something else man.
  10. What a pisspoor article.

    The reference about jokes is simply in the headline and the opening paragraph and is completely unsupported by anything to back this claim up in the rest of the piece.

    There is no reference anywhere to people being idle, and the dyslexic stuff refers only them not being banned from 'certain' tasks without saying what they are.

    And the rest of it his hedged in with so many 'coulds' and 'mights' it is nothing more than a load of Murdoch spin designed to resist legislation which will force him to start treating his employees as human beings.

    There is nothing outrageous in any of it.
  11. Depends a lot on what is being read and what and how something is being discussed plus of course who is being offended by it.

    Reading Beastialtiy monthly while discussing whether the KKK were right to lynch niggers? Would the person at the other end of the office be allowed to be offended then?
  12. Is beastiality illegal? Then it doesnt have much place in an office (except a porn offfice)
    Is using the word Nigger rather than black person likily to offend someone? Yes so it also doesnt have much place in an office.
    Is stringing people up because of the coulour of their skin legal? Then it doenst have much place in an office.

    However sky news has said this law opens the way to brestfeeding in public/workplace yet can someone complain because Jordan has her jugs out in the Daily Star?
  13. Beastiality isn't illegal in many parts of the US.
    Stringing black people up used to be legal in Australia

    The point of course is that it isn't up to you to say what is or isn't offensive. Only the person complaining can say if/why they are offended.
  14. It would probably be more fun flipping burgers, at least I would have you to talk to after you had mopped the bogs out.
  15. "…The Equality Act will make it easier for staff to claim they were discriminated against because of a disability. This is because they no longer have to prove they were treated less favourably than non-disabled colleagues.…"

    Woah! I could have a field day with this one on Monday!

    BOSSSS!!!! I'm being discriminated against!

    On what ground?

    Not telling, you've got to work it out!