Equality Buffoons Condemn Plymouth Pub Name

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by stripeyretired, Mar 28, 2008.

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  1. I was surprised at the furore over the proposed name change of the Breton Arms in Plymouth. The Pub stands in the old quarter of the City, frequented a long time ago by Drake and Hawkins (whose name is causing the trouble).

    Now that the major corporations, big shops andfat cats have sacke3d Plymouth, closed local busniesses and turned Plymouth into a carbon copy of "bland Britain" up and down the land, the Racial Equality lot seem to have landed, as well.

    It's even been in the national press today. Well. how dare we celebrate our history , and our identity, to the detriment of self righteous left wing twerps? How dare we indeed.

    The racial equality people, along with the modern marxists , have perhaps met their match, in the current landlords, who, thankfully have the courage of their convictions to include the name of a historical slave trader in their Pub's title.

    If those currently expressing righteous indignation about the name change of a Pub were to think rather than condemn, they would realise that by the same token there are several other establishments whose name they'll also have to change in Plymouth!

    It's time someone stood up to these PC buffoons, and I for one will support the landlords and even take a drink in the current Breton Arms.
    So, f'ck off and leave us alone huh?
  2. A link to an article would be helpful.
  3. I will get down and scoff a pint in there on my return to plymouths fair shores

    Bunch of wanchors
  4. If one's slave can read, thank his teacher, if he can read in English, not Spanish, thank Sir John Hawkins and Co!
  5. and here's a link to the article where Sir John's alleged descendant apologised a couple of years ago for his involvement in the trade:


    not sure if this bloke is actually related - most family "oral tradition" is made up
  6. The Muslims were trading in slaves long before the Europeans got involved.
    Why not ban Islam, surely it’s offensive to the descendants of slaves?
  7. lol

    PC gone mad.
  8. And of course a modern muslim gentleman's slave is called his 'wife'...
  9. These CNUTs need to really get a fecking grip :x

    I demand that the Italian Gvt come chained on their hands and knees and grovel out apologies for the abuse they dished out to the population of the british isles all those cruel and heartless years ago...............................

    No? didn't fecking think so :x
  10. What all these PC clowns tiptoe around is that the nasty white man did not 'capture' any slaves. The slaves were captured by rival tribes and if they had not been sold, they would have been executed. As a previous post has pointed out, Arabs had been (and still do) running slavery throughout Africa for centuries. Also, what about the Barbary pirates that were the scourge of coastal European towns and villages for hundreds of years? No one asks them to be 'So sorry' for the million white men, women and children that were taken into slavery and sold in North Africa.
  11. I am outraged.

    Since he played a big part in the defeat of the Armada, what about the feelings of the Spanish then?

    And we had better ban all references to Queen Elizabeth I because in 1564 Her Majesty sponsored Hawkins in his enterprise by lending him her own vessel, the Jesus of Lubeck, specifically for the purpose of capturing slaves.

    To round things off better change the name of the Sir John Hawkins Knight Hospital as well.

    Complete bollox
  12. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    I'd hate to think what they'd make of a pub up the road from me called "The Black Boy". There was an article on pub names in the local rag that claimed the name referred to a raven-haired prince of old (Charles II?). Of course the pub sign, which depicted a 'grinning piccaninny' chowing down on a slice of watermelon, somewhat undermined that claim.
  13. I was horrified, absolutely horrified, to find that my local B&Q are selling rope and chains. Don't these dirty, money-grabbing corporations realise that these are implements of colonial oppression and torture?

    I will be buying my pansies elsewhere in future, that's for sure.
  14. Quite right, RP578, or the "Labour in Vain" (several of them round the country) depicting a white woman trying to scrub a little black boy "clean"

    However, it grips my shit that people change pub names at all. The original name is a historic indicator of the pub's past, whereas the new name is generally a corporate construct, or some twee bollox made up by a half wit who thinks it is "catchy".

    What's wrong with the Breton Arms?