Equality and Diversity Manager - £38k a year

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DeltaDog, Jun 14, 2009.

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  1. A criminal waste of OUR money in the middle of a recession

  2. A necessary evil

  3. A good idea (Ps. I'm a total cnut)

  1. I just saw an ad in the paper for an "equality and diversity manager" for the local police force. The pay is £39k per year. That's 39 household's council tax for an entire f*cking year. For a job that's both contradictory (you can have equality OR diversity, not both) and pointless. In the middle of a recession.

    What the f*ck is wrong with these people?
  2. Can I apply for it?
  3. It is theoretically possible to achieve both equality and diversity on rare occasions. However, in policy terms, you either:

    1.Have a policy of equality and accept that the results may not be diverse.

    2.Have a policy of diversity and accept that you may have to treat people unequally in order to achieve it.
  4. A pointless waste of money whether in a recession or not, but, think of the political points the relevant chief constable will have scored with the useless government we are currently suffering. Knighthood coming up?
  5. Try searching for “achieving diversity” I am not going to waste my time posting the 2,920,000 hits Google just got me.
  6. Equality is a myth anyway...

    You can't treat everyone equal all of the time... Fact

    You can however ensure everyone is treated fairly... which I think is what they actually mean by equality. But as usual the soundbyte and medjaa crowd are dictating the English language with buzzwords.

    But you are right... utter non job costing £39,000 per year, when we don't have spare pennies and it will bring in the square root of fcuk all return.
  7. Is it for blokes only?
  8. One of the things the PC crowd have messed up is the idea that equal is the same as identical.

    In the real world, there is nothing wrong with treating people differently, provided it is a “gain on the swings, loose on the roundabouts” type of equality. Unfortunately various trouble makers have successfully demanded equality on the roundabouts while ignoring their gains on the swings.
  9. A link to the application form would be nice!
  10. I would imagine if the salary is 38K then the true cost will be closer to 70k, take into account pension, national insurance, sick pay, health care, death in service benefit etc etc etc. When budgeting for staff costs i use the rule of salary plus 100% this covers car, mobile, penison, laptop, pension , holiday, training and sickness cover. Sounds like a real bargain for the taxpayer
  11. Now I'm really interested!
  12. I'm looking for a job,where is it?

    I can be as equal and diverse as the next man..........or woman
  13. Is this some sort of cushion? Or a strapon device?
  14. There are Thousands of Public Sector Non-Jobs out there that pay huge salaries to people whose work flow cannot be monitored or measured for success.

    Our Labour government just see it as another way to provide employment and that it's another person to pay taxes. Whereas, in reality it's just anther drain on an already empty public purse as the tax income from these jobs is Nil as the public sector makes no money and is already paid for by the private sectors taxes.

    Labout have created over 800,000 public sector jobs in the last 12 years, that's another 800,000 people draining the profits that are made by private industry.