Equality and Diversity - ageism question

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by oldcolt, Jul 6, 2009.

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  1. Just a quickie to a)get some answers and b) stimulate debate

    As we now have an equality and diversity policy in the Army, what is the legal position as regards age descrimination for courses/ promotion boards etc?
  2. what has age got to do with it really?

    if you join at 17 or 32 or whatever oldest age is allowed, if you need a course you need a course,if your boss thinks your skiving off ops/ex snow queen just to do the course, well he is the boss...if its about promotion course, if your boss thinks you shouldn't go, maybe your not ready for promotion in their view?
  3. Just to clarify, this isn't a gripe/ get some ammunition, this is a genuine enquiry/ debate on age policy :) . As the Army no longer discriminates on grounds of race, sexuality, religion etc how can they say that someone is too old/ young for a course if they can show aptitude in every other way?
  4. I think that is a moot point. A true lack of discrimination would include a disciplinary process for those who use their age, race, gender, sexuality etc to gain unfair advantage or exception.

    As for the age thig a total nonsense. I am old and had to go through a group briefing on this at work. As the oldest in the group I was asked to comment. My response was ' It is a fact of nature that I am a grumpy old sod and you may continue to refer to me as one' and they still do. There followed a debate as to whether celebrating peoples birthdays was ageism in the workplace.
  5. Here is a example then (and it doesn't impact on me as I'm out because of this issue). As a LE you can, and do, get promoted on merit up to and including Major. After that the promotion to Lt Col is based on age (52 and in your last tour?).

    So a LE major who in all other regards is ready for promotion and if boarded would be in the promotion zone cannot get promoted because the system selects an arbitrary age.

    I must admit my point of view is clouded by a strawman paper that I saw saying that to make LE Lt Col promotion open regardless of age ‘...would result in DE (Direct Entry) Officers who would have otherwise expected to promote not being selected’; perhaps I am overly suspicious?
  6. if you are fit enough at the higher age scale then you should be allowed to do such cses as aacc para, sf? but obviously there must be a duty of care

    i know its gender friendly and age friendly when it comes to pft etc so its a good point when it comes to age for such other cses
  7. Sorry to be a bit of a groaning old git, but, has the army really gone this way?

    Are we really this bad that we have to have all this shite going on as well as the work thats in hand?

    Im lost as to the things I read on here, ageism? diversity? rights? wtf has happened since I left?

    Do people actually do as they are ordered anymore? or do you all sit round and discuss things until everyone is happy?

    Is it an army or an outreach group we have now?

    Seriously, im confused by some of the things I read.
  8. oldcolt I'd hate to be your PSI. All your posts are a gripe or a 'Why can't I?'. FFS you're not even trained yet.
  9. Armed Forces are exempt the legislation surrounding discrimination due to age.

    If you don't believe me, read the relevant JSP (available through your RAO)

    If you want to test the system, submit a Service Complaint citing discrimination due to your age and see how far it gets (I wouldn't recommend this BTW as the treasury solicitor will be on you like a tramp on chips if you do)
  10. Anyone who uses ageism should be required to complete physical tests at the same speed as 18 year olds.
  11. Top thread,

    It applies not only to the Army, but to just about everyone else in goverment service in one role or another.

    Perhaps the day of the older conscious competent being ignored is now over.

    I still have this problem with the unconscious incompetent diversity crew having the biggest shout though. :wink:
  12. It does not apply to Army, RN or RAF (including reservists)
  13. No it doesn't.
  14. I obviously don't know how long ago you left but things have certainly changed of late - would you believe a risk assessment has to be completed before contemplating taking part in a rugby match! - I couldn't believe my eyes.