Equal rights for women

Well the female of the spices never wanted equality in this life, already having 50% +, so moi assumes she'll have a mains powered vibrator and no power cuts.
And Zero Anus for the Islmic male ! Ye gods just have ta take himself in hand.


OldRedCap said:
OK - male suicide bombers get the six dozen pack of virgins. So what do female bombers get? Also check out the discussion as to whether or not these virgins have anuses - why would the man ask that question?

Jesus, i had a panic attack there. When you title your thread Equal rights for women i thought we had given women the right to vote or something equally strange.
"Women know your limits"
Six virginal iron boards and six virginal irons. If they're really lucky (ie devout) they also get a brand spanking new wooden spoon
Perhaps female suicide bombers just have Gender issue’s

Would there be a predetermined time of the month that they explode?

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