Equal Ops ITD. "Why should I take shower with a homosex

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by BuggerAll, Feb 26, 2005.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    We've just had our annual Equal Opportunity lecture. I understand why we have to have EO training. I know there are problems with bullying etc The issue I have is every year the same issue is raised and there is never a satisfactory answer.

    The question is: You don't expect me to (or even allow me to) share a billet/shower/trench with a member of the opposite sex so why should I share a billet/shower/trench with a homosexual?

    The usual glib answer of 'don't worry fatty no self respecting homosexual is going to fancy you.' or even 'You don't imagine that a gay man wants to have sexual relations with every bloke he claps eyes on do you?

    Neither of these answers cut it. I'm very attractive to women, so I assume the same is true of gays. And anyway I'm not the issue its the young guy who is vunerable who has the potential problem. Oh and I do imagine that gay men want to shag anything thery can get thier hands on. I know I wanted to shag anything female that was vaugly attractive when I was younger and I know the same is true of all my friends.

    This aspect EO trg always worries me. I've had soldirs bring it up outside the EO forum. What the hell am I suppossed to say to them? I'd be quite happy to advocate the party line - but there does not seem to be one. The issue is brushed under the carpet and left to fester.
  2. With an ego like it would be fair to assume you are suppressing your feelings of homosexuality... :D

    But to be fair, you have male/female showers to protect each others privacy - i know if i was in the shower with females i would 1)not stop staring 2)get a bonk on. Question is would a homosexual male get that in the male showers? Don't know, maybe i am just dirty.

    To be honest, i couldn't give two hoots - if some git tries to jam his cock up me i will clench the dropped soap and beat him silly. Unlucky.
  3. Besides, I'm sure that some gays at least would like to 'share your trench'.
  4. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    OK I was being fascious about my attractivnes or other wise to women.

    And yes if you are harrassd in thye shower you can take appropiate action - I suggest reporting the matter through the chain if command.

    But let me put anothe scenario to you. Sodier A tells you that soldier B told him that he (soldier B) saw you in the shower and quite fancies a bit. How do you feel now? How do you feel next time you go in the shower and find soldier B in there?

    Don't missunderstand me I do have homosexual friends in my civilian life and its my choice how far I choose to trust them (I probably would not share a shower with them). Due to my age and rank and experience I don't personally feel threatened in the Army, but I'm damned sure I would have done as an eighteen year old, and I'm sure that I don't have any answer fro soldiers who raise what I think is a legit issue
  5. Got a good point there; personally i would laugh and tell soldier 'a' to tell soldier 'b' to make a move. However it would still be massively awkward, but I cannot imagine anyone making a move – homosexuals on the whole aren’t rapists too, and a large amount of people in such situations would kick the shit (sic) and boot the ****** all over.
  6. It definately raises some interesting points. If gays are allowed in it would let the women know that them not being in Inf. type roles is nothing sexual. Personally, I don't think they should be allowed in as I would just feel uncomfortable sharing a hootchie (basha) with some bloke who might have it up *cough cough* I mean 'in' for me. Just as a woman would if we had to share a hootchie and she thought I wanted to 'get a bonk on,' as it was so eloquently put before.

  7. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I don't think homsexuals are all rapists, any more than I am.

    SMiller. Homesexualls are already allowed to join the British Forces (and the Australian).

    I do/did not want this thread to develope into the rights and wrongs of homesexuals being allowed in, but how do we deal with Equel Ops ITD when soldiers pose questions around the 'why should I share a shower with a homesexual?' line.

    I don't think 'wind your neck in and get on with it' is a good enough answer to what is a reasonable question.
  8. I understand that both defence forces allow homosexuals.

    I agree with your comments.

  9. Why should you take a shower with a homosexual?

    In order to enlarge your circle... of friends
  10. Why should I take shower with a homosexual?

    Surely its your own personal choice, in this day and age arent showers in military accommodation single person cubicles? So the decision of whether or not you take a shower with another person is totally up to you.

    But if youre asking if we think that you as an individual should do this, maybe youre curious, then yes I think that you should.
  11. Seriously, I suspect that you have unwittingly taken lots of showers with homosexuals without realising it and have survived the experience unbuggered.

    As for the 'young soldier, yadda yadda yadda...' argument, its exactly the same as the 'Young female soldier pressurised into sex by older NCO' scenario: it isn't acceptable in the military environment and young soldiers are now trained and expected to report approaches of this sort... at which point all the old and bold start moaning about 'Young scrotes who are inventing claims of sexual harassment in order to avoid tough training etc etc'.
  13. The original question was an interesting one and the above probably reflects reality.

    I suspect that this will only become a hot issue when people know who the homosexuals are. As we don't yet seem to be buried in a deluge of 'I'm Gay and Proud' announcements, then I guess the current status quo will remain.

    Personally, I think we should have mixed showers throughout the forces when on Ops :twisted: Obviously you would have to impose set timings for ugly people. :wink:
  14. Id be more upset if he didnt secretly fancy me!!
    Chances of shirt lifter trying to nail random bloke in communal shower? probably zero.
    Chances of hetro bloke trying to nail random naked chick in communal shower? 100% (Im not talking rape, but every bloke would have a shot)
  15. Oddly enough, on Wintex in 1989 I had recently arrived at an exercise location on the Baltic. Having unpacked gear, set up cell etc, I headed off for a shower in the German barracks we were staying in. The water had just got warm when the door opened and one of my oppos came in and also de-kitted and got in shower. Ten seconds later - and much to my surprise - the door opened again and three Danish female soldiers came in, said hello, got their kit off and also got in the showers. And then... nothing happened. I was tired so I got on with my shower, got changed and went out for a quiet beer with a few of the other guys from my HQ. Don't know what the Danish girls did.

    The thing is, under normal circumstances, a communal shower is not a realistic sexual context. I enjoyed the scene in 'Debbie Does Dallas', but I doubt I'm ever going to get to re-enact it. Most people, gay or straight, go to a shower for a shower, not for sex. It's the same with locations like swimming pools or beaches. I used to do a lot of swimming a few years back, for at least an hour a day, at least five days a week, and I think I can honestly say that I would get to see some girl's norks or bush three days out of five (not the same girl, I hasten to add), simply because they're wearing tight cossies and doing energetic things. But it didn't make me immediately jump on top of them - it wasn't a sexual situation.