Equal Opportunities

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by stoatman, Nov 24, 2004.

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  1. No, they should integrate into our culture & language

  2. No, it's a safety issue: if their English is not good enough they won't be able to read road informa

  3. Yes, it's our job to cater for every linguistic minority

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  4. Yes, it's only fair that they should have a "level" playing field

  1. From the DVLA website:

    One of my colleagues didn't believe me that in the UK you could take your driving test in many languages, let alone that the street names in Brick Lane are bilingual.

    I live in a strange, flat foreign country, where you can take the driving theory test in either English or Dutch. I could live here quite easily without speaking a single word of Dutch, but I don't - I'm learning the language to be able to integrate. Hell, even my signature on here's in Dutch! When speaking Dutch now, I don't have a completely English accent any more, although it's still noticable.

    So, should official documents etc. be available in so-called "community languages", or should it be part of integration into your host country's culture? Does providing for every minority encourage ghettoisation? It certainly has done in Holland, where there's now been a backlash, and the govt is forcing people to integrate by making them go on "inburgeringscursussen" (integration courses) where they learn the language & customs.

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  2. This business of producing information in minority languages irritates me no end. My local council has racks full of leaflets in various tongues, none of which seem to get read. I suggested that the money spent on printing could be saved by having the minority stuff on CDROM, and simply having a notice advising Abdul et al that if he wants a copy one will be printed off for him. Apparently the cost of having stacks of unread leaflets isn't the issue; being seen to have them is. So, spend money and stuff no-one reads and you're ok - tell people that if they want it they only have to ask and the 'community leaders' are up in arms.

    I feel strongly that English should be the only language for all govt stuff, and in schools.

    The future Mrs VB lived in the Netherlands for 18 years, and is a fluent cloggie speaker. When we go there it makes a huge difference, despite the so many Dutch speaking English.
  3. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Ah yes - minority languages, the ideal vote grabber.

    The ANC told everyone and his dog that their language would become official. Everyone with a large enough demogaphic in certain areas anyway, so not really 'minority.'

    So now there are thirteen !
    Just think of it, EVERY official document must be printed in those languages, from a driving licence application to a byelaw on use of a public park.

    If I'd have owned a printing works I might have been tempted to vote for them ! No, perhaps not...... :roll:

    It's time for you to decide if everyone's to be treated equally, or if there must be special laws for those that can't be arrsed to integrate.
    If you don't decide soon you'll be the minority - just without the rights.
  4. Ref the voting options:

    The vast majority of roadsigns are pictorial anyhow, so it shouldn't be too hard. Never been a problem for me driving on the continent.

    However that's not to say they should be allowed all this stuff. Like the CD idea VB.
  5. I was thinking more along the lines of the boards with reams of text on around roadworks, such as "in case of breakdown stay with vehicle, free rescue service" & things like that. It used to give me problems here until my Dutch was good enough - I ended up driving right round the Antwerp ring road because I didn't understand the diversion sign and the information about the roadworks. :?
  6. Fair point, I read dutch (can't do the speach bit) and speack french so never had too many problems driving. Anyohw, always have a dictionary/phrasebook for the country I'm in.

    But people holidaying and immigrants are different. If you need to fill out official forms you should be able to do it in that country's language.
  7. Veien Stengt. You only drive up a closed road once to realise the meaning of the sign.

    Everything here is written in Norwegian for obvious reasons, its Norway. No, if, buts , Im a immigrant. tough schitt.

    Luckily I have Mrs Skjold to help me, and I feel slightly embarresed at having to ask for anything in english, why? Because Im a foreigner in strange land and try\should speak the lingo.
  8. If I were to wander over to our A&E Dept now I can almost guarantee that there will be some bint in a ninja outfit sitting looking blank, waiting until the hospital gets an interpreter (paid for by the NHS), to determine that she should have gone to see a GP. Being an illegal, she won't have a GP. No-one will do anything about it because reporting immigration crime isn't PC. Pandering to minorities in matters such as language assists illegal immigration because it helps them hide away. For all the sh1t the Dear Leader included in the Queen's Speech about security, thefact remains that he has done next to feck all about illegal immigration and bogus asylum seekers, who cost us all millions every year.

    And another thing. It's all very well allowing these people to take their driving test in Martian or whatever, but how do they go about getting insurance and so on?

    The Chinese have been in here in not inconsiderable numbers for many years, and are in many ways an example of integration others could follow.

    Where's Bernoulli and his JCB....?
  9. ViroBono wrote

    Ditto plenty of people from Western European countries, all speaking English outside their homes. Surprised to see Portuguese and Spanish in the leaflet racks VB. Maybe the Portuguese is for asylum seekers from their former African colonies. Interesting that the native Africans adopted the lingo of their colonial masters but won’t adopt the language of their reluctant hosts.
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Provinces please ! :D

    But we're now in the 'modern' world of The Glorious Leader so we should not expect others to learn English.
    Or perhaps Bliar thinks it'll be too difficult for them ? Patronising little shite !
  11. Err, they won't. And when stopped by the rozzers, they'll say they didn't know:

    http://coppersblog.blogspot.com/2004_09_01_coppersblog_archive.html (bottom post)
  12. You have to remember equal opportunities only exist if you are non-white IMHO.

    I am sick to death of seeing things like "we encourage applicants from black and ethnic minorities" why do they not encourage whites???

    that is not equal. when will the pc brigade/CRE/Govt realise it's people that matter not what colour, race or religion(in most cases) they are, they make feelings more intense than anything by highlighting the issue where in a lot of cases it is not an issue to begin with.
  13. So then, equal op's in this sense: bad for business and most obvious of all bad for the "new citizen" why are community leaders up in arms when they dont get their own way? because we treat them like spoiled children.

    Multiculturalism is not about integration, it never has been, its about many faiths and cultures in the one area/land effectivly creating ghettos. Many faiths one land reciepe for trouble, NI the Balkans etc

    The essense of liberal/socialist thinking is letting everyone have their own way despite the cost consequences or reality. Everyone except those who are "privileged" which is normal white working or middle class citizens. Why do we have so many fat children? its certainly not the ad industrys but the parents who cannot discipline or say no to their children. Society cannot seem to say "no you cant have it and thats the end of it" either to PC campaigners or fat kids.


    Whoa rant over
  14. Pleased to see that French wasn't in the list :twisted: :twisted: