Equal Opportunities

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ABZ_Dave, Apr 24, 2010.

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  1. Call me all the politically incorrect bastards you like, but may i ask: What the fcuk is this mlar cnut doing at the helm of a search and rescue helicopter?


    Considering budding recruits to the army such as myself, can be deferred for the smallest of issues. I'd say "Ayla" has some major fcuking issues of its own.
  2. I'd hazard a wild guess at 'flying'!!
  3. Why do these perverts always choose exotic Christian names? Do they intend to earn their living in the more seedier environments?
  4. Ian/Ayla...is that you?
  5. ^^ what he said!! Do you need a knob to fly a chopper? Flashy would have us believe you need a large one, but I'm not so sure!! Leave him/her be!
  6. No, but I'm sure you've got somebody lined up in the event of a knock back.
  7. Do you think referring to yourself as a budding Army recruit helps your authority when you're criticising a qualified, successful helicopter pilot?
  8. Total non-issue as far as I'm concerned, but did anyone else clock the Scum's Royal Reporter's name?
  9. Couldn't give a flying fcuk as long as it doesn't go on about it again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again like Legs did.

    Do it and leave it at that.
  10. I'm booked in for a complete gender reassignment job on the 21st of next month, I'm not particularly enamoured with the thought of becoming a filthy abomination but if I get the chance to stand outside 'Leg's' house flashing my shiny new man vag ill cream and empty my polyester surgical knickers of sludge quicker than a slide full of bubbles in Pat Sharpe's Fun House .....
  11. [​IMG]

    Unless it's for a great cause.
    Alright for some, eh? :D
  12. what i dont understand is how these sick deranged wierdos spend thousands of pounds to change to what they feel they are!

    isnt it quicker to shoot yourself and end all the pain now!!

    imagine finding a bloke and having to tell him that hes been using ky jelly for a reason!!!!

    your dead when that happens so just avoid all the rolloxs and top yourself .

    besides they are hard to spot these days if you have the right money!
  13. Sod weird, he/she sounds like a decent person with all the "take the mickey a bit" hat's off to him/her for having the balls/ovaries to be so forthright.
  14. Fantarta. I'm not one for a bit of fish, but if you had that lot done, I'd be more than happy to touch you where you wee from.
  15. I'm with you big Dave so don't let these limp wristed liberal bummer appeasers grind you down. There's no way I'd let that abomination rescue me from the perfect storm! Just think of what he/she/it would do to you once you were safely tucked away in a helicopter flying at speed towards desperately needed medical care. And my mate (and he knows coz he got a D at A Level in Biology) says you can catch Gay from the pilot because of the hydrostatic rotational field present in helicopters when they fly over the sea.