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Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by skidrow, Aug 1, 2011.

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  1. What is the role of the E & O advisor in the unit,who is usually the RCMO?

    Does she handle and investigate E & O cases???
  2. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    "she" is that equal opps?
  3. My mistake,not intentionally.

    I meant he or she.
  4. We had a Para Major as ours, once. Entirely even treatment - no discrimination on race, sex, preferred bonking partner's (or even s') sex, colour, creed or cap-badge. Hated everybody - equally.

    Except fat knackers. He really, really hated fat knackers. But that wasn't, at the time, a protected characteristic.
  5. skid stop bleating on here, grow some balls and go and put your views in the in-tray of your E & O Advisors. Be prepared to write a letter to your CO stating the facts of the case and wait for further Info.

    If you decide you don't want to go through with it than you are obviously crying wolf and deserve the fall out of your actions.
  6. Spk to the RAO or the RAOWO who will be able to point you in the right direction. You'll find it should be someone who is outside the normal CoC for obvious reason.
  7. Technically the Equality and Diversity Advisor advises the CO on all things to do with E&D. It is the CO's job to investigate complaints although he is advised by guess who. If you have a Service Complaint you should put it on an Annex F to JSP 831 (or just on a piece of paper) and give it to the CO. You can get help to do this if you want it from a friend or someone in your chain of command. If it is an E&D matter you can ask the E&D advisor to help with your complaint.

    Don't believe all the macho stuff about, sort it out yourself or real soldiers don't complain. I am no keener than the next man on whingers but if you think you have been wronged you have a right to complain and get things put right.

    If you can't talk to anyone in the unit then send your complaint to the Service Complaints Commissioner. It will go from her office to the CO anyway but it may be the easiest place to start
  8. Will you shoot yourself in the head you boring SSAFA case
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  10. Funniest shit on ARRSE. Keep up the good performance.
  11. How attractive.

    OK, so you have a "friend" who has been referred to the Mental Health people because of bullying (please let it be Catterick, please let it be Catterick).

    Your "friend" has had a 3 MWO/Minor Sanction/Formal Warning (not sussed that one out yet) and wants to make a Formal Complaint.

    You, on behalf of your "friend" is not getting the right answers and is throwing a hissy fit.

    Am I right so far, girls and boys?

    You have had some good advice on all the threads you started, but have chosen to ignore them and persist in starting new threads. The more you do that, the more you will be ridiculed.

    There is a lot of knowledge in this forum, but you choose not to accept it. On behalf of your "friend" just come clean and tell us the truth.

    Or die by Um Bongo.
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  12. These are not all connected to one incident or person my friend.Some of them are imaginary questions based on the balance of probabilty and some of them are questions related to me.
  13. Skidrow, you could break the record for the fastest Oxygen Thief tag in ARRSE history. Stop wasting peoples time with your imaginary questions you fookin retard.
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  14. Just tell us the bloody truth. PM me if necessary.

    I was SSA at the Kingos - nothing scares me!!!!

    (Unless it's a photo of a bloke in whitey tighties - that's nasty - will you boys stop it please?).
  15. Stop being a tropper and tell everyone what you have done so you can get the best advice.

    Stop making multiple posts asking the same shite.