equal oppertunities in the ACF

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Lance_Bombardier, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. recently someone told me that due to a new equal oppertunities act the ACF can no longer demand males to have thier hair cut and that coercing them into doing so by threat of demotion/booting out whould be considered as unjust.

    is this true or are they talking crap?

    (ps: not a WAH!)
  2. First I have heard of this, but at the end of the day if an AI doesn't want to get their hair cut maybe they should consider the type of organization they want to be a part of.

    We are here to set an example and in this case the example involves a certain degree of military bearing, so if AI's want to grow their hair fine, just do it in the Scout's, they are, after all, as desperate for quality adults as we are.

    I did go on ITC with a chap that refused to remove an eyebrow stud he was quietly told that maybe the ACF wasn't the organization for him.

    And before any body says it no we should not compromise standards for "quality adults" it's the rules learn to play the game by them.
  3. thats the prob mate. i love cadets but it having my hair short for something that is once weekly means im stuck with it. and it doesnt suit my style of life and clothing.
  4. For fucks sake.

    Its not equal opporitunities is it? If you want to join a military organisation, then act like some form of soldier.

    Long hair on blokes doens't look smart. It makes you look like an emo cunt with scars on their arms.
  5. tut tut

    now come on praetorian, tell us what you really think. I don't like this pussyfooting around at all

  6. priceless
  7. Be fair though...

    Equal opporitunities is a stupid idea, but the idea behind it is that people of different cultures can live together in peace :pukel: :pukel: :pukel:

    It isn't so that cunts can be different to everyone else.

    Whats next?

    "I don't want to do PT Sir, because its my life choice to be a fat cunt, eat pies, and do no phys."

    Get your hair cut or don't let the door hit you on your way out.
  8. keep up dude, not emo.

  9. I think you may have bitten a weeeee bit much there fella.

    Yes I agree that Equal Oppertunities, like H and S, has gone a bit mad, but the idea behind it is sound enough. Why should people be discriminatged against purley because of their sex or skin colour? If they prove that they are completely incompitent of their own accord then thats fair enough, but why, for example, should women get paid a set amount less than blokes just because they have tits? Now yes, im sure someone will take the piss out of this post for being all liberal and nicey nicey, but i challenge you to give a reasoned argument as to why Equal Oppertunities shouldnt be applied.

    CG - awaiting incomming.
  10. plus its a military based and themed organisation.
    not actual military.
  11. Seconded. Get your hair cut, you dong.

    On a related matter, can we coerce male cadets to get hair cuts? I'm quite happy for my male cadets to have long hair, provided they wear it in a bun like the girls :twisted:
  12. well, if women are allowed to tie their hair up..................................

    slippery slope...........................
  13. Whats the difference? Im willing to bet that you arn't 100% in your gothic convictions if you listen to shite like MCR.
  14. I agree Cider, but EO doesn't apply to people wearing their hair long when not allowed.
  15. It's violating his right to have an opportunity to be a slack cnut and set a poor example to the younger cadets.

    If you want to wear a military style beret, get a haircut.