Equal Employment in the Armed Forces

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Jokes' started by LazyCaretaker, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. The armed forces have an outstanding record of equal employment opportunities for the handicapped.

    The RN: Nelson - one arm, half blind - Admiral

    The RAF: Douglas Bader - no legs - fighter pilot.

    But this is mere tokenism compared with the Army, which currently employs more fcuking spastics than you can shake a stick at!
  2. :x obviously a gimp!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. This is what happens when RAF officers marry WRENs.
  4. who does this guy think he is :x
  5. :x some sort of space hero..........not! you tart!! :cry: :cry:
  6. LazyCaetaker is quickly moving up on my list :twisted: