Epstein commits suicide!

(...) Colbert, Trevor Noah, Jim Jefferies, and all of those shitheads are not "news" reporters. They're all "priests" who sermonise instead of inform.
They don't claim to be "news reporters" either. They say they're comedians. They don't have to be accurate or fair, they just have to be funny to enough people to make a living at it. If you don't find them funny, comedy is always a matter of taste. I don't find most American "topical" comedians funny because with a few exceptions I have very little idea of who they are talking about nor do I necessarily understand the cultural context in which whatever happened is supposed to be funny. "Topical" comedy rarely travels well.

If people want news, they need to read a news web site or get an old fashioned printed newspaper. But for Christ's sake, don't rely on Facebook, Yahoo, or Google to drip feed to you what they think you ought to see.

If there's a problem, then it's with those who watch comedians but either can't tell the difference between "news" and "comedy", or are just too lazy to make the effort to read actual news when it isn't dressed up as entertainment. This isn't a new problem, the same sort of people would read the dodgier tabloids and celebrity magazines instead of the "serious" news.

There's news that I read because I find it interesting. However, there is also news that I read which I find dull, but contains information that I think as a citizen is my duty to know. News isn't necessarily entertaining, but it isn't meant to be.

the jail told the Washington Post that one of the guards on Epstein's unit on Saturday - when he died - was not a regular correctional officer, but rather another form of prison employee who was directed to operate as a guard due to staffing shortages.

Both guards working on his unit were working overtime shifts, but it's unclear whether they were doing so voluntarily."

He was by all accounts over here a former guard who had moved on to other things within the prison. Both were apparently happy to be working the extra overtime hours and both were allegedly sleeping and falsified the log entries instead of doing the actual checks.
You don't remember the allegations about Woody molesting Mia Farrow's 7 year old adopted daughter Dylan after Woody dumped Mia for her 20 year old adopted daughter Soon-yi?
Can't forget about Hollywood types closing together and demanding that a "great" artist like Roman Polanski be forgiven for sodomising a 13 yr old girl too.
Would that be the daughter of the upstanding citizen Robert Maxwell, sister of the two millionaires who got legal aid to defend their millions from funding justice for the Mirror Group pensioners? Had a boat named after her?
Next question is did Robert Maxwell really fall off that yacht back in 1991?.