Epstein commits suicide!

Agreed. Lots of "where is she" going on. MY understanding is that she had been based out of New York for some time, so she must have cut & run pretty quickly.
She might still be, just because the media do not know where she is doesnt mean she is on the run.
I have to ask, why would someone in prison warrant protection? They've done the crime, been convicted and are paying the price. The authorities don't shadow them on the outside to protect them, so why should they on the inside? They should be given the standard amount of protection that is afforded any convict, and if that means their peers are determined enough to break through that protection because they are are a paedophile/pervert then so be it.
Because in a civilised society a prison sentence should not equate to a death sentence. Bringing back hanging is another conversation, but if we cannot enforce the law inside prisons...which it appears we struggle with....we have problems don't we.


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Fair point. But Epstein was one of the most high profile prisoners in the country. I'm surprised he wasn't given extra attention simply to make sure the prison staff's arse's were covered.

Apparently, both the guards who should have checked on Epstein every half hour and the warden have been suspended.
Perhaps he was given extra attention... ;-)

Theoretically speaking, though I've got no idea what the reimbursement for a US prison guard is, I imagine that it's chump change for a collection of 'A' Listers looking at a statutory rape charge or two and with easy access to some rather unsavoury fixers. Also, the Warden can't be expected to know whether his team's been incentivised to look the other way for a wee while.

Likewise, in that sort of facility, it can't be too difficult to find a handy chap with prior experience and nothing to lose who will apply his expertise in return for two unlocked cell doors, the CCTV being nobbled and his family living comfortably and happily ever after. Further, Epstein himself might have helped things along by showing that he was prepared to attempt suicide a month previously, thus providing the perfect cover for third parties to help him into the hereafter.

With intelligent planning, the right contacts and enough money, you can pretty much fix anything and, in the context of prison and in the immortal words of Norman Stanley Fletcher; "There's a lot of criminals in here you know."

By the same token though, one can take take almost anything and create a cracking conspiracy theory.


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Are we sure that the stiff in the cell is actually Epstein and that Epstein hasn't been spirited away to Paraguay or somewhere?
Are we sure that the stiff in the cell is actually Epstein and that Epstein hasn't been spirited away to Paraguay or somewhere?
Pictures of his uncovered head on a gurney seem to have been snapped. Seems an odd way to cart around a corpse.
NY Post .jpg

Edit to add: I'm sure IMINT gurus could and are poring over facial mapping to see if this really is him, or if the real Epstein has been spirited off somewhere
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Really? Do you watch it? Have you seen their continual "coverage?"
Yes. They cover news. They don't fixate on single issue items like your little heroes. News cycles change continually. The bunch of unfunny cock garglers banging on about Trump have been doing so since before he burst their piles by getting elected.