EPL Fantasy League 2017 - 18

The Arrse Fantasy EPL League has been created for this season

Code to join the regular game week league is: 4197-251275

Arrse head to head league code: 901435-461077
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Though it looks like I will have to swap Coutinho out if the sod clears off to Barca
I'm in...I managed to "not come last" before...so I expect relegation
My team is based on Sanchez flying the coop back to Europe and even if he doesn't get a bite he may have a sulk on so I still might not pick him (and probably miss out on GW2 when he scores 5 or something :)
So far the teams are shaping up as:

I'm hoping to post weekly updates after the points have been finalized. Data will include Arrse league Weekly points, past 6 week points, plus PL/FL Tables, Home Form, and Away Form, and lot's of other data.

I compile the data on an Excel spreadsheet which I have spent two years building & improving. It takes manual PL and FL game week score entry but the rest is automatically updated. The spreadsheet contains a Setup tab, an Info tab, full PL tables, H & A tables, past 6 gw scores, upcoming next 6 matches, past 6 week team form (h & a), current streaks, and a match prediction indicator that assists in picking your FP team upfront. The data ends up on an auto updated 'Dashboard' which is basically a jpeg of all of the relevant data.

Admittedly, you do need to be above the level of an Excel 'two finger' keyboard pecker to understand it but if you are a proficient Excel user then it's not that difficult. If anything just take it and nick the advanced formulas for your own spreadsheets :)

I am willing to send it out (after the 1st GW results are in so that it will be already set up for our Arrse league) free if anyone wants one, just e-mail me at magwyerspubleague@gmail.com
As of today - with some names changed to protect the guilty - the teams are:


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