Episkopi Infantry Bks

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Loftytoon, May 27, 2008.

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  1. Can anybody remind me of the name of the Infantry Barracks at the top of the hill in Episkopi.

    I was at Episkopi in 75-76 with the Armoured Car Squadron, I know that 1 DWR, 1 DERR served there during my time.
  2. It was just Episkopi Garrison when I was there. Or do you mean Radio Sonde and Bloodhound Camp?
  3. IIRC the Infantry Bks in Episkopi Garrison is called Salamanca Bks.

  4. Salamanca Barracks is correct.
  5. Can I have my £10 then?
  6. Cheers gents, need this information for another forum page RAC.

    Did anybody serve with believe it was either The Black Watch or A & SH at Salamance Bks in 1983.

    At that time was over in Beirut with QDG and we had a couple come back to serve time in detention for sleeping on duty and ND