Hi, i used to have mild epilepsy for about 3 months, 4 years ago but i was treated with medication and they never returned. i also had a brain scan that confirmed that my brain was normal and i didnt need medication. also the things that are meant to trigger epilepsy i do eg. lack of sleep, drinking and stress. would it be worth trying to join the army or is there any other fields in the military that are likely to accept me. Any help would be great.
There is an ex regular on my Phase one training who had an attack and was discharged from the regs. He's had so many years clear and is now in the TA!

So Yes, not sure of the in's and out's but it's possible, speak to your careers office or your local unit

Good Luck
Why when anyone asks a question its a Fcuking WAH, even if he was taking the piss it could be a genuine Question for someone else :S

Anyway mate not 100% but i dont think so bud sorry
If the Army won't have you then it's pretty much a dead cert that none of the other services will. I joined up in '90 having had an epileptic seizure some 5 years previous. After seeing a consultant at Aldershot and having an EEG and Cat scan I was accepted. However, I did suffer a further seizure some time later and was medically discharged, but like the poster mentioned before I joined the TA some five years later. However, this was over ten years ago and things have more than likely changed. As advised above, ask at your Careers Office.
StokieLee said:
sorry, must have scrolled down the page to fast. anyway ive been in the careers office and i was only in a minute before they said no.
Did you tell them you were clear?

Err not sure how to take it further could you ask them to check? Write a letter errr
Yes but the careers adviser was having none of it eventho i told him that it was mild and i only has it for a few months and i've been clear for 5 years.


Presumably you have a TA unit in mind?
Go and speak to them direct and don’t mention the conversation with your careers adviser, if you’ve been clear for 5+ years then they may send you off for a medical.

The only personal qualified to say yay or nay is a doctor, not a careers adviser.

Good luck


StokieLee said:
cheers Goku, what would the best way to contact the TA be
If you know the location of a TA unit you’d like to join then just turn up on a drill night (normally Tuesdays), most units will be happy to speak to you without an appointment.

If you don’t know who you’d like to join then…

This site will let you search for your nearest unit by post code, the database appears to be down right now but try it again later


This site has quite a long list of TA units, you’ll need to search manually but it’s better than nothing


You could ask for a list of local TA units at a careers centre (it’s probably best to ask at a different centre than the last one you were in).

You could ask on ARRSE which units are close to you.

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