Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by 1isEnough, Oct 3, 2009.

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  1. Just had my second attack in 2 years. Anybody know the military position on this.
  2. The military are in "Crouching toga, hidden dhobi" positions waiting for you to have another one in the vicinity of a bath so they can bung their kit in on a quick wash.
  3. Thank you Moody! Yet again Your valued opinion is welcome. If I wanted bone comments I would have posted in the NAAFI. Now off you go, I am sure a lad around Aldershot needs a cheap shag.
  4. Yes! you' re a spaz. Now go and choke to death on your tonge.
  5. Careful, you don't want to bring on an "episode"
  6. Jinxy, you. like Moody. are a waste of oxygen. Nothing constructive to say, then dont bother.

  7. According to Epilepsy Action, a 2nd attack whilst serving means you will be deemed medically unfit for all trades.

    "People who have more than one seizure in the armed service are usually considered medically unfit for all trades. Those who have one seizure only, after entry, are usually downgraded for 18 months and restricted in driving and handling weapons. They may then be upgraded after an assessment by a service consultant"

    Link to source below;

  8. I think a second episode in civvie str has a similar affect on your career if you are a driver, or opertor of some sort of heavy plant.

    It sort of means it's getting serious inside your head.
  9. Moody, thank you for a decent reply.
  10. No worries, you can rim me later
  11. The armies position will be that they wont want you waiting on at the officers mess xmas do in case you f uckiing pile several litres of jittery soup into the CO's missus lap, and you'll need to make sure you yink your beret down a bit in case you wobble it off unexpectedly.

    There's something in queens regs about the second bit.
  12. Not good unfortunately. You'll be monitored under the MO and any more attacks then it's ENDEX. It's not even as though it's a 'comedy' ailment like narcilepsy which one of our REME bods had. Funniest thing I've ever seen was him falling asleep in the flight swings at Pitts Road. Tragically for him, the MO didn't see the funny side and he was MD'd although it more than qualified him for his new job as a mattress tester.
  13. If they put you in front of a minefield with a strobe light gaffa-taped to your headwand you could clear a bloody great corridor through it mate. Ask at any of the larger military systems suppliers, they usually have projects to exploit mongs for fiscal gain.
  14. Liar!!!

  15. Shhhh, family murder walt and war dead mocker.