Epilepsy in the Army - Chances of medcial discharge???

I was 18 (APR 2004) when i had my first fit and had been in the army since i was 16years old. As it was seen as a one off (although an EEG confirmed epilepsy), i was allowed to continue to serve and be down graded to P7, as long as there was no further fits. I was not put on any medciation or even explained what type of epilepsy etc. But because i was allowed to serve still, i didnt ask either. I have, over the years, been upgraded to P3 LE and done 2 tours of afghanistan (8 monther and a 6 monther). I have never failed a PFT despite not being allowed to do PT or even use the machines in the gym, should i have a fit, but pushed to be allowed to do the PFT to prove myself in the hope of being upgraded to FE in Oct 2009.
I have recently had another fit (5 years on, Jul 2009) and havent a clue as to what will happen now. It was the same situation as before and have been warned that i may be medcially discharged. I have recently been promoted to Sgt and have also bought my own house, thinking my career was stable. I can no longer commute from my house as i have had to stop driving and move into the Mess. They are saying that it is classed as re-occuring epilepsy and possible medcial discharge, and i will be out on my arse with nothing but my pension later in life as it is not service related.
can someone please help me as i am worried what will happen to my career and the fact that i have a house that i will have to sell if i loose my job, which in the current climate is not brilliant!
surely medication would be the first step????
Levi I am sorry mate. Speak to the Padre or send me a PM I have a few contacts and folk who I can put you intouch with Son. Do not worry, there is a few folk who can help you. We have a support network big lad.
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