Epic, epic fail

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bigpod, Oct 2, 2010.

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  1. No. You'd have to be an absolute **** for that video to change your mind, either way, in the same way that if you let Mark of Cain influence your opinion of British soldiers, or letting Triumph of the Will make you Nazi, you'd be a twat undeserving of oxygen, and instead needing to floss with razor wire.

    Did it change yours?
  2. I actually think the enviroment is important, but how is it 'funny' for an adult teacher to murder children? Strange people.
  3. Franny, Lizzie, Eugenie and the whole 10:10 team

    Says it all really.....8-(
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I was hoping to be amused by watching people being blown up. Strangely, I wasn't.

    Was it about the environment then? Hadn't noticed.
  5. Trust the environmental wackos to think that making a snuff movie about climate change was a good idea. They didn't convince anybody of the need to cut back on emissions, but they convinced me as to how desperate they are to make their point. *****.
  6. I have to say I smirked as I watched the video, but the pages of complaints are right - you could not do it with almost any group except "non-environmentalists" without KNOWING it was wrong. How did they ever think it was the right thing to do - and this was the man who wrote possibly the best few minutes of telly ever!
  7. I don't understand the outrage bus (Which I actually find funnier then the advert)

    A few people were blown up with some very dodgy special effects. Whats the big deal?

    If anything its making fun of the hardcore eco-crusaders

  8. The same people who laughed when a copper beat up a kid in Twin Town? The same people who laughed when Alan B'stard pretended to throw a baby out the window in the New Statemans? The same people people who laugh at the paedophile teacher touching up Neil in the inbetweeners?
    Its a crap video though I can't see the point of it.
  9. How dare the OP question the percsivied wisdom

    YouTube - 10:10 mini-movie - No Pressure - Radical Muslim Parody Version!

    It,s very good that the greenshirts make it up as they go along . Anyone who believes in climate change, in my humble opinion needs to be blown apart. It's as simple as old Winston and I quote :Tosser:

    Anthropogenic (from the Greek meaning "man-made") effects, processes, or materials are those that are derived from human activities, as opposed to those occurring in biophysical environments without human influence.
  10. Enviro-fascism writ large......
  11. I actually saw this vid yesterday, and had assumed it was someone having a (mildly amusing) dig at 10:10. Having found that they put this together themselves, I'm genuinely confused as to the message they were trying to put across. Unless they actually believe that 'deniers' should be executed I suppose!

    I suppose it's what you'd expect from spoilt, self righteous, arty, limp, upper middle class champagne socialists who we born with nothing genuine to fight for and so threw themselves onto the most popular bandwagon around at the time. At least this lot are not in Government I suppose.
  12. Nail, head, hit. It's far easier to murder your opponents than it is to bring them round to your insane belief system. All this video tells me is that if the global cooling deniers could get away with it, they'd happily murder anyone who disagrees with them.

    Sure, it gets them and their cause talked about, but I think this is one of the cases which disproves the old maxim of "there's no such thing as bad publicity".
  13. It was meant as a joke, it just wasn't a very funny one. If anything it was taking the piss out of the earnest green fundamentalists.

    As for 'not believing in climate change', what is there that you'd like to disbelieve? Atmospheric CO2 levels have gone up, polar ice area has gone down, sea levels have gone up. It has probably killed or displaced lots of people but they're only Bangladeshis or South Sea islanders, so there's nothing for you to be concerned about. The 'anti-greens'
    ranting about some actors pretending to blow kids up is just as barking as the green fundamentalists.

    As for the long term effects, you could predict those by examining the changes the last time we burned all the available hydrocarbons and dumped the products of combustion into the atmosphere. Oh hang on, we haven't done that before, so really we haven't got a fcuking clue. We'll just have to rely on our best guess from computer models and informed predictions, which would be fine, if they didn't all contradict one another.
  14. Did you see that the "hole" in the ozone layer is shrinking?