Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by gorilla, Feb 10, 2007.

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  1. I,ve been training for months doing exercises as advised by the unit APTCI, also I have been following the dieting plan that was given to me by the master chef. I've been doing this for 6 months now and still haven't lost my gut, i've heard of other guys using ephedrine to loose weight, but before I use any I want to know the in's and out's of using it and whether or not it is legal (CDT). Anybody any info?
  2. From your repetitive posts in several forums, I guess you've started taking the stuff already?? :frustrated:
  3. Actually no, I just want to do some thorough research before taking them.
  4. What? By posting the same question in 3 different forums??
  5. Do a search on any search engine & see what the short & long term effects are.

    Speaking as a bald, fat, lazy old git, I can tell you that there is no substitute for eating a hell of a lot less & execising a hell of a lot more - & I don't do either :yawnstretch:
  6. FFS guys; from what I understand the phys tests have got easier not harder, and almost all of my crew could still get it sorted at 40 years old so why the need for performance enhancing pharamcuticals now? Or am I missing something?
  7. My dear Gorilla,
    Ephedrine is the active constituent in many inhalers at extremely reduced dose. It is also sold concentrated as pills or powder in pubs and clubs as rip-off amphetamine ('speed'). The reason many young ladies of certain ilk fit their jeans so well and dance so fast is either one or the other, if they can't get hold of crack. Whilst used socially and abused much the same as alcohol, the only way to achieve fast weight loss with it is to maintain a daily dose, not the odd dab, which should be taken at intervals during the course of the day. About £40-worth a day should get you on course. After about a fortnight you will notice the effects - you will be getting by on two hours sleep a night, and do everything at 100mph. Every 48 - 56 hrs your body will force you to burn out into an unhealthy and disturbed sleep, ready to resume again. Repeat this cycle. This will be noticeable to your colleagues and loved ones who will urge you to stop. On stopping you will become paranoiac (sometimes recurrently through your adult life) and again unable to sleep, in case 'they' come to get you, which 'they' will because your judgement will be appalling and you will need strong psychiatric support to get through life, let alone the Army.
    I appreciate this may be 'worst case scenario', so just ignore me and go for it mate, nothing else is working for you is it?

    Sorry for shouting.

    I read the other threads and realise now you're daft enough to do it then blame anyone but yourself.

  9. Gorilla, you reckon you're a monkey, yet don't know anything about a drug like ephedrine and have to ask if it's legal.
  10. gorilla

    Have a look through; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ephedrine

    It used to be an active ingredient in Ultimate Orange sports drink, which is now advertised as 'Legal Ultimate Orange' (without ephedrine)


    Don't do it!

  11. This is NOT accurate. Untrue statements can be misleading at best and dangerous at worst. Please check your facts from a reliable source before posting them as 'truths' on here.

    Gorilla- your own body has all the natural chemicals/hormones it needs to keep you fit and healthy. Adding in extra chemicals is just plain daft and increases the risk of unwanted and sometimes dangerous side-effects. Just coz your best mate's friend's brother's nephew uses it does not necessarily make it safe for you.

    Carry on eating sensibly, reduce any alcohol intake, do plenty of Phyzz and AVOID EPHEDRINE! The weight WILL go, but takes time. Good luck.

  12. F***! This sounds like me on a normal day. Should I switch to heroin to mellow out? Inbetween CDTs of course! :wink:
  13. please can someone give me any advise regarding epinephrine i mean using a epi pen i have been prescribed it because of various allergies
    The thing is do i need to carry one or two of these pens at all times or is one epi pen enough to use if you have a allergic reaction
  14. Try asking your doctor - or whoever issued the pens to you.

    If you need it for an allergic reaction then I'd carry two, if they're not too much hassle.

    Again ASK YOUR DOCTOR, I have the sneaky suspicion that he might be more qualified than most of us on here.


    Edited as I'm mostly a spaz!