Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Tordyleighs, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. Hi i wondered if there was anyway to avoid being thrown out of the military for a failed cdt test (it was epherdrine)
    Anything at all ?
  2. If you can prove that it was prescribed for weightloss or a headcold then yes, if not then it is up to the powers that be to decide if you stay or go.

    You are also given the opportunity to tell the CDT team if your on medication prior to providing your sample, if this is the case then it will be checked against your medical records and if found to be true, there is no need to worry.
  3. So its banned then? How can you use it to your advantage?

    I'm sure I was given some to sort my nostrils out before flights so I can clear my ears. Too much blocking punches with my nose in the past...
  4. It's illegal in tablet form in the UK, nose drops can be bought over the counter. It's a bronchiodilator so stops you gassing as quickly. Get some advice from a lawyer or put your hands up and grovel, it's up to you.
  5. Its of a similar chemical structure to amphetamine and as such can mimic the effects that amphetamines have on the body, increased strength, stamina, concentration etc. Band in many forms but still available as a hypochloride, most likely what your nose spray/drops are.
  6. It is available over the counter in nasal spray form but I would imagine the levels in this would be far less than the tablets so it would probably depend on what concentration the cdt found. You definately need to seek legal advice.
  7. Tablet form is available for weight loss but the concentration is restricted to 8 mg per tablet, not sure what the concentration in the nasal drops is but I would imagine as stated above that it is significantly lower than that in the tablets.
  8. Yes Ephedrine HCL is the active in the nose drops I used to get for sinusitis. Before that and before it was banned I used to make tea with Ephedra Sinica the raw herbal form to relieve my sinus congestion.
  9. Also main active ingredient in Sudafed tablets.. druggies use them in the manufacture of Crystal meth .. suprisingly easy to do using sudafed , iodine crystals and red phosphorous [from safety matches]
  10. I thought sudafed was made from pseudoephedrine, hence the name.

  11. yep correct pseudo-ephidrine hydrochloride ... pseusdoephedrien is a stereoisomer of ephedrine .. basically a different structural arrangement of the atoms in the molecule...... don't think smack heads would be too concerned with diastereomerical structures though. :D

    I think the nasal decongestants were made from epherine not ephedrine

    EDIT: says it all in the Wiki link really.

    Suppose you could have an arguement that the ephedrine was in a readily available , over the counter medicine.
  12. Wheres he gone?
  13. Don't think it cooks up the same though, I think you need a higher temp to break the bonds and you have to use ether as a solvent, hence meth labs are usually in a caravan or container in the middle of no where. Kaboom.
    It's a stimulant not an opiate so smack heads would probably hate it.

  14. B......d druggies. I hope that they don't ban Sudafed then. Its the only think that I've ever found that saves the misery and suffering that is Man Flu. Instant relief for a streaming beak; wonderful stuff.