Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Tordyleighs, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. Hi i wondered if there was anyway to avoid being thrown out of the military for a failed cdt test (it was epherdrine)
    Anything at all ?
  2. I'd imagine not.

    And this thread should be stickied, as the grey area of ephedrine being banned or not rises its ugly head every six months or so.
  3. Just had to google what epherdrine was.

    I couldn't find anywhere that said it is an illegal drug, What do the army say? Do they class it as a steroid?
  4. Flight

    Flight LE Book Reviewer

    Seems that it raises a false positive as an amphetamine. Prescription only over a certain dosage but not an illegal substance.

    Does anyone know the official policy?
  5. What were you taking it for?
  6. The military down graded me as a result of being injured in iraq, then through their ill after care and not transfering physio etc to where i was moved to ive been kept down graded no matter how many times ive tried to get up graded i then applied to go on tour to iraq with my reg and the military still said no,i paid for a private medical and everything to try and get upgarded i stupidly took the drug once to improve my fitness to get upgarded and have been caught i didnt even think of the consquences,just want to to go serve with my reg,by making a stupid mistake for the job that i love im being thrown out im desperate i dont want the boot?The military is my life i dont want to lose my job through sheer stupidity id do anything?
  7. What has the Army told you and have you received documentation to the effect?
  8. Basicallly that im out in 3 months they will give me a re-settlement course, not recieved documentation yet no been showed the results in black and white etc?
  9. I'm not a doctor and haven't got a clue about this stuff but two thoughts spring to mind.
    1 - How long after taking it did you have your CDT?
    2 - How long does this stuff remain in a person's system as a detectable substance?
  10. Days after taking it and it stays in your system for 30 days
  11. Was the drug prescribed by the Dr after the privat medical you had, if so you should be able to get a copy of the prescription.
  12. No wasnt perscribed,
  13. what type of resettlement, full?
  14. No just one course then im on my own,i dont want to come out though isnt there anything i could do ???
  15. strange they are giving you resettlement on a CDT discharge, do u know under what QRs they are discharging u under?

    Were you afb 130A? or could it be for medical