epetitions and the Governments contempt

Some time ago I and a thousand or so people signed a petition demanding that our doomed PM sack the slapper squatting, baffled and unhappy in the Home Office - there wasn't much chance of that happening, and in the event she fell off a stack of her old man's porn films onto her filleting knife, but there was a chance of gaining some passing amusement at the Government's response to the petition. This was it:

To: “We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to sack Jacqui Smith for gross incompetence.” their increasingly neurotic spinmeisters wrote:

"As Home Secretary Jacqui Smith made a very significant personal contribution to national security and public protection. Crime has continued to fall, and under Jacqui Smith the Home Office took forward key initiatives to tackle guns, gangs and knives, and violence against women. Neighbourhood policing is now a reality in every community in England and Wales, and steps have been taken to strengthen our borders with the creation of the single Border Agency and the Points Based System.

The Prime Minister is responsible for the overall organisation of the Executive and the allocation of functions between Ministers in charge of Departments.”
Does that answer the petition, or even address it in any way? Does it do anything other than demonstrate No10’s contempt for the public and public opinion?

I don’t think so. Can anyone suggest an epetition which would bring these woodlice out of their second homes to actually answer to the public?


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A few years ago I signed a petition to allow the sale of baby elephants from petshops. Needless to say it was never approved.It only had about 3000 signituraties though. Perhaps we could do better. Ideas please.


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Perhaps we could do better. Ideas please.
How about free blow jobs for all from A - list (female before you take the p1ss) porn stars. And compulsory Thai oil massages for everyone (I'm missing them, having just come back). There, far more likely to happen than Cyclops being removed from Office. He won't go voluntarily, and its Mandy who will be choosing his successor if he was 'resigned' anyway. Jesus, it could be Harperson....
How about a petition to get rid of the petitions site as it is a waste of resources?

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