Discussion in 'Sappers' started by HK-53, Sep 1, 2007.

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  1. I am attempting to locate a former ex EOD for a business adventure. Must be EOD, age-40-50, well turned out

    can anyone assist let me know and e-mail. MUST BE FROM GLASGOW area. thanks
  2. Sappers dont do EOD they do mine clearance, massive difference. What you need is an AT or ATO...
  3. Something tells me that you are in for some incoming with that statement as you have obviously no clue as to what Engineers actually do!!!!

    For your info, why dont you research 33 EOD Engr Regt, Kn0b!!!!
  4. You want somebody well turned out from Glasgow? I think you will be very disappointed.
  5. easy tiger.
  6. Strange that they need to be 40-50, does the job involve a great deal of death and therefore 40-50 is considered to be a good innings?
  7. For a business adventure? Is that greatly different from a venture?

    "Set the filing cabinets! Hoist the paperclips! Load the photocopiers! TO BATTLE!!"

    Something out of a Monty Python film....
  8. Does that mean I can finish my tour early if sappers don't do EOD? :?
  9. Mine clearance is a type of EOD.

    What you mean is that AT/ATOs take the lead in IEDD which is massively different from what you have claimed.

    All in all the RE probably do more EOD than than the ATs being that Search, Mine Clearance and CMD are all branches of EOD - and the RE take the lead on all of them on operations - where it counts!

    You live up to your username... you Snozzer.
  10. If the numpty who says RE's dont do EOD is to believed i must have dreamt 5 years of my service.
    The last time i looked the mod website
    still seem to believe they employ sappers in these tasks, we must ask them to amend the site cant have people being misled
    Oh whats this 33 Engineer Regiment EOD didnt know we had rebadged to logistics

  11. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

  12. IN THE NAME OF LOVE............................
  13. They do do EOD I swear.. unless my eyes decieve me.. well.. dealing with unexploded ordinance in my mind is EOD.
  14. before you brake

    sorry taxi
  15. HK-53,

    I received an E-Mail from you in which you said 30-40, can you PM me with some details about who you are and what your own background with this is, I know you are former RMP but a little more info would go a lot furtehr in finding you the right person, I have forwarded the info to one person from Glasgow so you may well hear from him in the next day or 2...

    Oh, and for Snozzers' info, the chap in question is former RE EOD (yes, believe it or not, we DO EXIST!). Now crawl away and stir your manure elsewhere instead of coming here and insulting one of the most operational Units in the British Army, you maggot...
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