Discussion in 'Sappers' started by padzbratt, Aug 5, 2011.

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  1. Hi
    I was just wondering if someone (sensible) could give me some info on EOD, I am very tempted to request this as a posting and would like as much honest and informative information as possible. Last time I asked around about this all the info I basically got was 'how attached to your limbs are you?', id like info on training, search, operations, infact any info you can give. if there are any bomb gods out there your help would definately be appreciated on the pros and cons and general life.
    Thanks in advance
  2. Do you like being insulted or something?
  3. Yes I love it, dont you?
  4. become ammo tech and you can get all the int you want. the answers to the questions you asked are protected, for a big reason. We are the best in the world at it. Why because we keep as much info to ourselves. Now politely foxtrot oscar. Do what any potential ammo tech does go the library not ask leading questions on a open forum.
  5. Thanks for the informative reply thats such a help, i dont want restricted intel I simply want honest opinions from 'helpfull' people in the know, not basic phonetic alphabet insults that crows use.
  6. Yes, but only to snap me out of the boredom I sometimes inhabit and/or display due to looking around and then realising that my environment seems to have been inundated with uninspiring feckwits and dullards...

    You have said that you are tempted to ask for this as a posting, implying that you are currently serving, maybe as OCdt/SuT? or intend to enlist.

    Either way, some or all of the info will be available, less opsec, if you try just a little bit harder to find it.

    Other than that, use your imagination ....oh, sorry, you don't seem to have any.

    Psst.....(said in a whisper), there's even a few good books out there describing the job, written by Ex EOD.

    You're female aren't you?

  7. Simple question, required a simple answer, not simple insults. . . . so im female? why dont you put this sexual frustration / boredom that is obviously so hard to contain to good use and help someone else with appropriate answers to their questions? or possibly name a few good books that might help me on my hunt for info because any info ive found or been given so far is basically scripted bulls*it that does not give honest opinions and experiences in this area.
  8. a crow,

    a crow,

    I was working with no1 and no2 whilst you were doing no1 and no2 into your nappy sunshine!

  9. Quite the intellectual arent you?! and I very much doubt you were doing that when I was nappys unless you are approaching your 50s.

  10. I just knew it would be a women asking a bone question....and then responding to my reply as imagined .....unless it's a double bluff which EOD and indeed ATO would be familiar with, hmmn, what wire to cut?

    Use google, type in something simple like 'Books about EOD' ...or make up/hair styling/washing up/ironing/temper tantrums

    If all you can find is scripted bullsh*t then you are not looking hard enough..... for that tiny, hidden tilt switch.

    without trying, I can think of at least 3 books written by Ex EOD describing most of their training and experiences, and I don't mean the friggen 'Hurt Locker'
  11. How about you actually name said books then insted of wasting both our time (and your brain cells) on very amusing but completely wasted insults?
  12. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    8 lives down is probably something like what you want to read outside of the anarchists cookbook. there was one on ireland but the name escapes me.

    or become a radicalised hate filled burka wearing muzza and they'll teach you for free. final exam is a bit harsh though qualification means you get a nice garden and a bunch of boys desperate for a shag.

    is there and english version of the spoll checker on this forum? I keep getting told to put fcuking z's instead of s's
  13. burka?! so thats what that is, all this time i thought my home town was filled with ninjas!
    Ill just resign myself to the fact that im not going to get anything useful out of this thread other than pretty funny insults, although the nice garden and lads desperate for a shag does sound appealing but i dont think thats what im after really.
  14. You are the type of splitarse that does your ilk no favours. Google EOD books and stop being a drip **** or **** off to your Germaine Greer Men hating bean flicking society.

  15. Hmmn?..now let me see if I have this correct? You want ME to help YOU find out something that I don't want to tell you....

    because you are too lazy or inept to find it yourself.

    And then try flattery, hoping that I'm not as bitter and twisted as I seem, and hope that I may still have a heart of gold...which is true, but I save it for those who are far more deserving and who don't gob off.

    You just have to be an OCdt or very young Lt?.....as you seem to have the self importance of one or the other.

    I'm going on the P*ss/Pull now.