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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by thebutlerdidit, Nov 3, 2011.

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  1. I am puzzled as to why an EOD vehicle (white van blue lights, mil reg) would have spent the last 3 days sat outside my daughters flat in Upper Rissington, Gloucestershire? Has absolutely nothing to do with me so expect incoming, but am inquisitive?
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  2. Ask the driver?
  3. Probably nicked three days ago
  4. She's getting banged by an AT/ATO?
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  5. She's shagging the driver?
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  6. There should be a small sign on the back of the vehicle saying "How am I doing?". Try ringing the accompanying telephone number.
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  7. The driver's inside your daughters flat, and her?
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  8. Perhaps the crew of that vehicle are examining your daughter for concealed Bazookas.
  9. Phone up your daughter and ask is she getting enough bangs for her bucks.
  10. You need to find out if it has one of the following

    Royal Navy - She is safe they are banging each other or the cat
    Royal Airforce - They are borrowing her hair care products
    RLC - They are eating all the food in her house
    RE - She is getting screwed all over the house, the beer has been drunk and anything worth having is in the back of the van.
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  11. It's an elaborate covert operation by Gloucester Constabulary. They're actually trying to capture the lady's father in relation to child pornograpy accusations.

    Run Forrest run!
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  12. I know this might sound a bit radical but have you tried speaking to her, after all she is your daughter.
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  13. walkyrie

    walkyrie Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Wikipedia by way of google says there's an RAF base nearby ( RAF Little Rissington - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ) which provides any number of possible mundane explanations. I googled "upper rissington bomb" which means I am likely now on countless Government watch lists.

    However this is the best and most likely explanation:

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  14. Here is what you do next. Buy a couple of bangers and go and set them off near the van.
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  15. Has your daughter got a short Fuze?