EOD ! The unsung heroes!

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by spike7451, Jul 8, 2005.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    In the global world of terrorism,there is one group of very,very brave people who are often the 'unsung' heroes in the fight,They are the EOD,Felix,whatever you call them.I was one of these people in the services.What was my job?EOD-Explosive Ordanence Disposal. The guys who make the 'long walk' to the car,the unattended bag.Knowing that they might not make the 'quick step' back to safety, are one of the emergency sevices that get overlooked when cowards strike cities like London.
    Even now,these men are risking their lives,checking out 'suspect packages' so that the public remain safe.We should thank these unsung heroes for ensuring our safety.
  2. Spike, they have never been unsung heroes. Nor will they ever be. Me and my suspicious lunch box are comfortable.
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I know,but how often do they get a mention in the press?Only when one is taken from us.
  4. When one is taken from us it is news worthy. It's the press, they go for the pow bang in your face stufff. Yannie?
  5. Why is this in sappers when Felix is the call sign for RLC EOD??
  6. True, and amazing that as the chap was one of these, he can't even spell Ordnance correctly!

    Does the name 'Walter' spring to mind in a case like this...
  7. Hmmm, bit suspicious that. Still, he does have a point. There's no doubt that ATOs (and the search teams from 33) will have been deployed, both to Birmingham and London. But I've yet to hear a mention of any army involvement....

    There are obviously security considerations that mitigate against news reports going into too much detail about army search and EOD ops but surely, credit where credit's due. They credited West Mids Police with carrying out controlled explosions, for fcuk sake!
  8. The Police do have EOD personnel in SO13 but mainly in London.
    They are ex-Army and licenced by same.
    Do not know about other major cities......

    This is not a state secret, and is published in other areas of the net.
  9. The EOD teams were shown on the news in London and in Birmingham. Also mentioned a little more often. But an EOD team doing their job that turns out to be another abandoned bag is not as news worthy as armed police, explosions, disruption to peoples lives and such.

    The members of EOD teams are happy in the knowledge that they are doing their job and being able to 'large' about it in the bar afterwards. It is so and always has been.
  10. There's not much I don't large in the bar

    Both Corps do fine work in the EOD field, and were assisting last week as usual, unlike me stuck waiting for nothing near the Drumcree Access Gate (d' y' like Dags? Dags, y' know Dags?...... Oh Dogs....
  11. You with your whole 10 posts are obviously well enough schooled in arrse etiquette to lecture us on what we think the press should do. Funny that you start off talking about Sy and end up asking for

    Frankly your first paragraph smacks of spratt to catch a mackerel. G8 was a police operation - any Army assist was just part and parcel of a normal day's work.

    And if you're not a journo, I bet you're one of the walts who reckon Chinooks were absolute proof of the involvement of SF as reported on BBC News last Thursday,

    Note to the mods - yes I am aware I'm becoming a wee bit paranoid about journos - especially now that we are coming into the quiet news season when any story can leap onto the front page no matter how spurious or unlikely. All they need is to be able to quote a source.
  12. It's very rare for the EOD operator to large it in the bar afterwards (or at least it should be). That said, (in my experience) the No.2 and bleep usually consider it a matter of honour, to make up for the No.1's faux modesty, to clean up any available poon-tang (EOD groupies) within bullshting distance.
  13. Sorry if my post got on your t its abacus, wasn't trying to lecture anyone. On re-reading my post it does appear somewhat tw@tish, I must admit.

    Would probably help if I actually knew anything about EOD over and above what people tell me in the mess :?. Then again, wasn't meant to be a lecture, just raging at the world at large (as usual) and coming over wrong (as usual). But you got me bang to rights about being a walt - after all in my wilder moments I like to pretend I'm still a Combat Engineer rather than a fat Res Spec :) I'll stick to gobbing off about sway bracing and 14 gauge in the future, eh?
  14. Happy with that. I make it a rule never to fall out with anyone who may end up asking me, "Is it safe?" I believe you are about to become proficient at drill. :wink: :lol:
  15. I smell a large rodent here. At first I thought it might be one of our chaps attempting to rile those fine gentlemen in the rank and pay of a sapper. ("here we go again" I mumbled to myself). But in another thread our Spike claims to be an armourer and asks what everyone's favourite guns are. Not usually the behaviour of an EOD person of whatever persuasion, or even of your average Bill Oddie. So one wonders if Spike has reached puberty yet.