EOD Suit Insurance.

Discussion in 'RLC' started by dingerr, Jun 25, 2009.

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  1. As most will probably know, Operators who hold an EOD suit are required to get it insured.

    The total cost for the suit is quoted as £15000.

    The only company that I could find that will insure to that level is Forces Financial

    Its about £180 extra premium a year to have a limit of £15000.

    I believe you can claim the extra premium back and will edit this when I know more.

    Hope this helps some, as I had a bit running around to do to find it.
  2. What about towergate, they are advertising on here now try them

  3. I've just switched from JBI which was underwritten by Towergate. Their premiums were ridiculous (£519 a year for the same level of cover I get for £93 and thats before I add the suit on) and I find their business ethics are not the best.
  4. dingerr - Are you seriously saying that suits issued to EOD operators on temp loan as tools of the trade have to be insured privately these days? I assume that's only for loss or theft but even that's bad enough; if the worse happened, at least there'd be a sum to cover it under PAX personal accident & life insurance but what about their kit insurance?

    What happened to the equivalent of RN C.126 action where the holder was not penalised for any loss or damage outside his control as long as no negligence was involved? Will RAF AT pilots have to insure their aircraft privately from now on in case they're hijacked?
  5. JBI Mil Kit Ins recommended. Sorted me out whilst in Ghanners with me laptop and MP3 decided to expire violently.
  6. Slightly gobsmacked :(

    Can you claim the insurance back?
  7. The suit is now issued to us on 1157 (or whatever the equivalent is now), they have been considered an item of clothing. Some health and safety gnu might be able to answer better, but I understand that a business is required to provide PPE and replace it for fair wear and tear, but it is an individuals responsibility to ensure that the PPE is properly looked after.

    This thread was just to pass on info and not a whinge (although I can understand how it can seem ridiculous). I don't have a problem with insuring it, especially as we can claim the extra premium back. It was just a pain in the bum to find an insurer.

    Tried PAX, they can't cover it.

    JBI is dog poo (as I have explained above).

    Even tried a specialist insurance firm (They probably thought it was prank call).

    For all Military Kit and Equipment, Kit Insurance will only cover for loss, theft or accidental damage - I don't intend to have to claim for it for being damaged whilst in use.

    R_M have been told that we can claim the extra premium back, i'll find out on Monday when relevant pay clerk is back in.

    The biggest pain in the backside is dragging the damn thing and helmet around the world with all my other kit (although I do get an extra 60kg baggage allowance).
  8. just treat the the seperate parts as seperate items mate - all less than the maximum that forces direct/right dress stipulate

    or dont take it
  9. Its more a case if it gets lost (feck knows how you can lose a 40kg bomb suit) or trashed and it's attributed to me.

    We never know when we are going to be involved in a bomb van fire incident ;-)

    BCR lists coming round quick. Don't forget your sizes too quick g_a :)
  10. Mate, for the first time ever I actually feel a tad of sympathy for you bullet counters! That is absouloute bobakek. Glad you can claim the premium back but, feck me what an arrse system! I am not an H&SW gnu but the H&S side of it is covered by the fact that your employer has supplied your PPE at no charge to you and here endeth their responsibilty.

    Surely the army can negotiate a better deal than the individual?
  11. I thought that, it would probably save a fortune. Just bill the soldier the excess. Can't really complain at that.

    Maybe someone in the QMs could suggest it as a GEMS (not me too busy), but when they can't even get the cost of the suit to me, then there is no chance.

    (That said the LCpl who now deals with the suits for the QM appears a decent hard working JNCO, but he has just taken over a shite job)
  12. Don't IEDD Operators get extra pay these days?
  13. Yes. It's no where near enough. (Although the proposed £50k will be nice, if it comes in).

    I know what you are going to say. Before you do, read this thread from the start; you'll see it started as an info thread.
  14. Dingerr, any photos of you in this , ahem, suit? Purely for research purposes you understand...... :)
  15. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    No, don't, unless the policy does not mention per item or per pair/set limits. An insurer will view the suit as an item/set as it does not stand alone as a load of different pieces.

    Would you try and insure your car panel by panel, wheel at a time?