Eod - slightly puzzling but hugely (to me) amusing bomb fuse. Anyone help?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by staaken, Sep 19, 2011.

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  1. Greetings,
    This may probably belong somewhere else, like RAF Armourers or something similarly Crabby but t'internet is pants here and E-Goat is a bugger to navigate.
    Any like minded EOD mivvy/herberts out there may be able to help with a bit of a poser.
    See attached a (damaged) tail fuse fitted to a MK20 MC 1000lb-er, which is 3metres away from the east-west highway in Zlitan, about 35 km west of Misurata.
    Resisting the urge to look over my shoulder to find some DEODS DS staff smirking at me with clip boards, I couldn't help un-fail to notice that the offending item has the word "Practice"
    written large on what presumably is the inner portion of the damaged fuse.
    Is this a wind-up by the RAF, one asks. Or are Crabair just dumping their old stock on Libya? Or are bluish/red faces called for?
    Anyway, would be good to hear if anyone has any ideas, puns, rude remarks - before I go and do something silly, eg, believe the word "Practice" doesnt just mean "try harder".

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  2. Not sure, but if you have an image of the 'Kidney' plate on the rear face of the bomb it would indicate if the thing was filled with RDX/TNT or High explosive substitute (eg concrete). !000lbs of Guided Steel and concrete can do wonders to many things.
  3. I remember seeing a practice "Swingfire" missile go rouge on Hohne smash **** out of a Fv432,thought at the time if thats what a dummy does I'd hate to see what a real warhead would do
  4. It turned red??
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  5. Gramps

    Gramps Old-Salt Reviewer

    Thats the worst thing that can happen, once it goes rouge there is no turning back, you know........
  6. Here you go

    UK Armed Forces Commentary: Libya ops: inert warheads, aircraft carriers, Italy and marketing

    France is using "inert" training bombs for killing Gaddafi tanks in urban areas. This is a curious news that caught my eye, but thinking about it, one has to say that it is not a bad idea at all: a 454 kg block of concrete coming down in a dive from 10.000 meters has some very serious kinetic power, while the absence of explosive reduces the collater damage drastically.
    As a further premium factor, inert warheads for training are cheapter than 'true' bombs. It might be a good idea for the RAF, as well, which regularly use inert bombs made of concrete and fitted with Paveway guidance kits in training exercises.

  7. Your making excuses for defence spending cuts arn't you?
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  8. Out walking the dog Staaken?
  9. Staaken, Be careful. If the RAF dropped it, its probably the wrong type of munition for it's intended purpose/target, it's definitely been dropped out of area but maybe just another lost practice. Don't forget some shady armourer loaded it, whack the fecker where it lies.
  10. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I strongly suspect we have done the same in early telic days. If I recall correctly I believe the story goes that an fac called in a strike on a troublesome position. Harrier drops lump of concrete aka training bomb on said position but misses. Pilot asks for bda, fac response was "nice but next time can we have one that goes bang please?"

    On the subject though, why do we have to have 500lb+ size bombs? Surely a laser guided 100lb would have sufficient power to destroy what it is aimed at, such as tanks and light armoured vehicles, bunkers? That way the aircraft can carry more ordnance or loiter longer?
  11. That locking ring and the bit of circuit ribbon looks like a 960 tail fuze, if it was live it should have an arming spindle through the middle of the plate. So my money is on it being a concrete filled hammer
  12. Just wanted to give a bit of clarification to the OP. Obviously I'm not going to go into too much detail on a public forum, but some of you may come across something similar in the future so I though I'd better mention that...

    There are 4 types of fuses, and 3 types of bomb. Fuses come in Operational (aka earshot), practice, drill and mass representative.

    Operational and practice contain explosives- drill and mass representative don't.

    There are reasons why practice fuses are fitted to bombs that have been dropped on ops- but DO NOT assume because you see the word practice that the bomb/fuse is inert- because it probably isn't.

    As a poster has indicated, that's the back end of a 960 fuze (standard fit to RAF bombs of that type) with the head sheared off- as it's designed to do. It could still be functional, and you should treat it as so.

    Call in the EOD teams and let them do what it is they're paid to do.
  14. Thanks for all the precise information, chums - it all matches up with certain "Int" we obtained last night through other channels. We have not taken any positive EOD action (um....<cough> we ARE the EOD team on the ground, but unable to access the usual instant channels of info), as it just seemed wrong that the word "Practice" meant it was safe to remove. Age and wrinkled cynicism triumphs once again over youthful exuberance!
  15. I was going to suggest the same. If in doubt smeg the bastard in situ.