EOD question?

Barry123 said:
Just wanted to know if a sapper can volunteer for EOD at any point,
as far as i am aware yes.

Barry123 said:
or do they have to waiting till they are due a posting?

plenty of eod & ex-eod on here that will confirm/ammend my answers.
you apply. you get selected. you go on course. you pass you're in. you fail you're out. however do it as a sapper not a lcpl as you have more chance of getting accepted!
Sorry cheggars but if you recall trade DOES matter, as you are posted initially depending on where your trade is needed to fill an LSN. In my case, I was told by the PSO that you couldn't 'apply' for EOD the same way you could para, cdo etc, you could only ask for UK South for posting and hope for the best.
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