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EOD pay has now been granted to the Army and RAF (RN miss out). There are 3 levels

SP(Explosive Ordnance Disposal Operators)
Daily Rate Reserve Band Rate (50%)
Level 1 6.95 3.48
Level 2 14.46 7.23
Level 3 19.06 9.53

The AFPRB report doesn't detail the qualfying criteria or when the Reserve Band kicks in.

If anyone hears of the details, please post so that the rest of us money grabbing barstewards know the score.
You Lucky Barstewards! Now, can we all (even us now strawberry Mivvies) get back paid 8) ...
Just seen the criteria

Level 1 is JS
Level 2 is HT and/or Advanced EOD (RE 801 cse)
Level 3 is AMT

You must be operating at that level in those environments or instructing at that level. Therefore, currently in the UK Operators in 11 EOD tasking sqns (821 will probably miss out) will probably receive level 1 regardless if JS or HT. 33 EOD RE and the RAF should receive level 2, instructors at the Felix centre and 33 should receive level 2. RLC AMT Operators in 11 Regt and teaching should receive level 3 and i suspect that the RE may try and get in on level 3 as they do AMT entry.

Don't know how assault IEDD factors in.
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