Discussion in 'RLC' started by Blarney_Stone, Apr 14, 2007.

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  1. Should personnel undertaking EOD duties get add pay? The US seem to think so:
    If so, whom? Just the operator? The No2? The Bleep? the whole team including escorts)?

    What would be the qualification point? Successful RLC IEDD, JSIEDD or just working in an EOD unit? Or maybe on high threat tours only?

    Thoughts please.
  2. that incentive might be due to the large number of people intrested in US forces have to place a large number of IED's, and few people to disarm/disrupt them
  3. £4.80 a day - great....... well worth the risk - NOT
  4. I think this has been looked at in the past. There were discussions at high levels regarding an EOD operational medal - you get the pay (using the criteria mentioned in previous posts) and get the gong as well. As I understand it, the matter was considered divisive - ie the bean counters looked at what it would cost!
    Recognition (dosh, gong/both) would be rather chummy though - especially to the untold number of unsung types who have "done the business".
  5. Should really be only attached REME personnel, the amount of times I got woken up to change a battery (never, actually but thats not the point).

    An EOD gong sounds good though, made of chocolate I presume? Mind you the AT's that I've known would have those chomped schnell mackin.
  6. Medal sounds tonk but I can think of people who get extra pay for a lot less, fuck I've been drawing regular pay under false pretenses for months!
  7. Years FP, not months :)
  8. There are enough incentives, without the need for extra EOD pay.

    4 years from basic AT to Staffy, that good enough?
  9. Good for you maybe dingerr, how is the land of caribou and Molson worth a posting?
  10. Too easy even for you! :D
  11. Just re-read my post and realises i didn't really make that much sense (no change there then). What i meant to point out was that the powers that be refer to the speed of promotion whenever EOD pay (often) raises its head.

    Canada is great - £30 LOA a day, unless your a singly then it's feck all. No road tax, no TV licence, petrol $1 a litre and most electrical goods about half the price of the UK.

    The best thing of all is that everyone leaves Ammo alone as per normal - too scared because they don't understand it.
  12. It would depend on the underlying reason for the pay.

    If the reason were an incentive - then yes, why not- it could only work to the advantage of those who were considering being an AT, and it would be money for nothing for those that were already employed as such.

    However, if the nature of the pay was "danger money" - then absolutely no way (unless it was a significant sum of course).
  13. even if they agree to it they'll just fob you off cos 'there's no money in the kitty', like they did with the Golden Hellos :x
  14. Have they been cancelled now?

    I processed one, about 4 months ago.
  15. I know.... sorry, but gift horses and all that :)