EOD operators pay, nothing for the ECM guys

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by nik_kershaw, Feb 17, 2008.

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  1. As you may have seen the guys at the AFPRB (the lads and lasses who decide our pay each year) have decided that EOD operators will get SP for working in an EOD unit. As some people are aware attached to that regiment are a number of R Signals operators providing ECM. The EOD operators will get just short of £20 extra a day on level 3, just short of £15 on level 2 and about £7 a day on level 1. Most of the Signals lads are qualified on level 2 and go on back to back tours. I admit they are not stood over the bomb trying to defuse it but they are closer than most people would like to be. I have been since told that the SP entitlement is due to the operators being offered better jobs in Civvi Street so it's a retention bonus. Surely the royal corps is having the same problem, so why not give us a retention bonus to keep the good operators in so we don't get people who quite frankly shouldn't get promoted but do just to balance the MCM books.
  2. Is your post a rant against not being paid SP money or against the Corps' not promoting you?
  3. Yes, you're right; you're not stood over the bomb and trying to defuse it! You might be closer than most people would like to be, but you are still in the ICP, an area calculated to be safe (by the EOD Operator) from the effects of the device being dealt with.

    Retention for EOD operators is no different than any other branch of the armed forces, in fact retention is better than some other trades. These guys will get SP entitlement for doing what is a very difficult and dangerous job. Like divers and SF. Live with it!
  4. And why would you deserve this money for cowering in a Faraday cage, muttering about Airports and babies in incubators while the heroic AT types actually cut the blue wire? :twisted:
  5. This is probably down to penis envy...

    If you were attached to 16 Air Assault would you like jump pay too?
  6. Nik, you obviously don't know much about the manning game, nor that MCM Div is no more (do stay current)! R SIGNALS Wing at Glasgow, board each trade by rank as I'm sure you are aware, but the Corps operates a vacancy promotion system, which means no vacancy - no promotion. You elude to the fact that 'MCM Div have to balance to books'. To some degree this is correct. If lots of soldiers from a particular rank and trade NTT then this obviously creates vacancies. The bottom line is that a soldier can only be promoted if he/she features above the promotion line (quality line). If they are not promotable (not to the agreed quality decided by the Board), then they will not promote and the Corps will take the hit on the gaps. It would be irresponsible to promote soldiers into a position where they are not up to the task and therefore are likely to fail. I can assure you that it is most definately NOT a book balancing exercise. The pay issue is a seperate topic but you are unlikely to gain any ground by posting a complaint on this site. I suggest you request your OC to invite the AFPRB to investigate this further as they empowered to deal with this issue. I look forward to seeing you in NI later in the week! Please make yourself known, I am looking forward to meeting you.
  7. You must be mental. It's the red wire. Woops I hope I haven't just put classified info on the internet!

    Come on Dangerdiv, to be fair not too many outside the management strata are aware of MCM Div's demise under the latest reorg. Is "Royal Signals Wing" the correct new way to refer to our mob up there?

  8. Conveniently forgot the £10k + accelerated promotion that you get.
  9. I am happy with the rank I am in but it's the dross I have seen promoted over the years. What I am trying to address is the fact that the corps is loosing some good lads due to poor pay in relation to civvi street. I see that the powers that be have recognised this in the EOD world, so why not the big wigs in Blandford. In relation to dagerdiv's comment, I think you must have me mixed up with someone in NI, at least I know I am not the only person with the same views. As to the para pay thing, if I was at 216 and qualified then yes I would want para pay. I would like to point out there is a lack of faraday cages in afgan!
  10. whiny b**tard
  11. So you're a qualified AT/ATO then?
  12. When I did this role the only additional allowance was NI pay, and that was precious little. This was the best job I did in all my 14 years, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Incidentally, I was based in South Armagh, and was trained to perform the tasks of the No2 in the team, as helicopter flight was our transport, and we couldnt guarantee to get the full team to the job owing to weather/helicopter availability. There were many times when myself and the No1 were operating in a reduced team, particularly following killings in XMG, where the job couldnt be put down to a planned op.
  13. We all only got NI pay ... no matter what job we did.

    I worked in HR search as a Spr, LCpl, Cpl, Sgt and SSgt (the latter two being RESA). I have worked in support of the ATO team on hundreds of ops and do not recall one single incident when the whole of the ATO team was unable to deploy. They were always priority one for helicopter insertion/extraction. I have never seen the bleep work as a No2, so I would be interested to know when this occured ... maybe I was RESA at the time and missed it?
  14. You fcuking bullshitting b@stard, stop bigging yourself up.

    Firstly you would not have been trained as a No2 in entirety, you will have been taught to operate the Wheelbarrow at a basic level. Did you not notice that No2's were also on the STT as well?

    Secondly the only time you would have gone out with the No1 is on an overflight and even then most No1's don't bother with the Bleep. Mini-Ops = No1 and No2.
  15. Never said I was but bleeps that are trained in there area of the IEDD and work in an IEDD team should be recognised, as well as the No. 2. Granted not on the same SP pay but some SP pay would be approprite as we do work as a team, not just 1 man doing it all! Like I said before, it is a retention bonus but surley the Royal Signals head sheds should see this as a possible way of retaining some of the best operators in the Signals