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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Gundulph, Sep 17, 2009.

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  1. For any former 33'ers or former ATO's looking for work in a Sandy Place:

    EOD/IEDD Instructors
    Location: Afghanistan

    Role: Training of both Afghan and international military person in EOD and IEDD

    Requirements: Candidates will need to have current qualifications in EOD and IEDD and preferably have left the forces within the last 5 years and have experience operating in Afghanistan &/or Iraq.

    Number of positions: 4 – 6

    Contract Period: 12 month initial Contract with chance of extension

    Contract Details: $120,000 (USD), 6 weeks leave per year (incl flights and 12 travel days), accommodation and food whilst in country.

    Personnel interested in applying for the position(s) should forward CV’s ASAP to:

    EET Coordinator
    RPS Energy
    Explosives Engineering Services
    Conrad House
    Beaufort Square
    NP16 5EP
    +44 (0)1291 645009


    Interviews to be held 25/09/09
  2. $120,000? for civvie instructor? :?

    And to think EOD types (CMD/REST) get paid no extra :x
  3. what about my b1 eod knowledge is that good enough mate :?: :wink: :?: :wink:

    nice bit of bunce being offered there.
  4. I do have to wonder about the relevance of your post. WTF does pay in the army have to do with job offers outside the wire?

    Well done to Gundulf for passing it on and giving someone who has left/is leaving the military an opportunity to earn some dosh.
  5. Has anyone worked for this company before? If so, what are they like?
  6. KBR (UK) B & CE technical officers earn about 3/4 of that and the risk they expose themselves to is minimal (can't travel out of the wire in vehicles etc). Therefore I think the wage this company are paying is reasonable. Good leave package as well.
  7. Cheers for that plant life. When it says 6weeks leave inclusive of 12 travel days; does that mean 6 weeks plus 12 days or are the travel days within your 6 weeks? ie 1.5 weeks flying and 4.5 weeks spent knobbing ya missus?
  8. I'd assume total leave was just under 8 weeks including travel time. I think most companies are doing a 12 weeks on, 2 weeks off rotation but that obviously varies. I think most companies (less KBR and other UK CONDO) will get you out to Dubai and you make your own way from there. So depending on flights etc it way take you a day and a half to get back home.
  9. I think I'd rather just stay in Dubia for the duration.
  10. Cheers for that - actually, I've just noticed that interviews were held about two months ago! Ah well, best have another pint of G & T.
  11. Theres plenty of other EOD companies out there. Ronco are quite big out there but I'm not sure of their reputation as a company is like.

    Here is a link to their job vacancy page: From an initial glance it seems that they know about US military EOD qualifications (but I'm sure UK ones are just as good and would cross over) and also that they aren't getting to many applicants as there are still vacancies posted for job oppertunities published in July. Unfortuantly they don't mention renumeration or leave packages on the website.

  12. Yeah, i've got my CV with one at the moment - no names, no pack drill (you know the score!), which is proving quite promising for a contract in Jan. Demining in Africa; however this one sounded much more cushy but as I said, I seem to be a couple of months behind.

    Nothing new there then.
  13. edited, info sorted
  14. I can tell the difference between a PM1, and a PROM still. Will that suffice?
  15. edited info sorted