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Are there any opportunities for TA members with no previous military experience to eventually train/ deploy in EOD/ bomb disposal? It's something I've always been interested in and would like to volunteer for in the future. I have done some searching and have heard that nearest thing to an Ammunition Technician in the TA is Ammunition Specialist, however they don't deal wih EOD.

I also found some information on 101 (City of London) Engineer Regiment (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) which sounds right up my alley, but they are based in London and the South East and appear to be a regional unit rather than national, and I am in Yorkshire so too far to travel on a weekly basis. Has anyone got any information on potential roles in my area or national units?

Any advice would be gratefully received, thanks.
101 Engineer Regt (EOD) is a hybrid unit (TA and regular) along with 33 Engineer Regt (EOD). It used to be that 101 was TA and 33 regular the TA element is unfortunately for you based in and around London and are regional. Another thing is that the TA element of 101 and 33 don't really do much actual EOD anymore, instead the focus is high risk search (looking for IEDs).

If you want to be an Ammo Spec you'd be wanting to join 531 Ammunition Technical Support Sqn, they are nationally recruited, no EOD though you'll get opportunities to blow shit up sometimes if that is what you're after.
Nobody in the TA does IEDD these days. 531 use to up until 2000, but now does ammunition tech support. They are probably the closest you will get. They still do conventional EOD - getting rid of bulk, overage and enemy stock - they took a fair chunk out of Otterburn last month I understand!

Have a look in this thread if you are interested...


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