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Discussion in 'RLC' started by aweston, May 6, 2007.

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  1. I'm looking into joining the RLC as a driver and was wondering whether I can go straight into
    EOD driving or will I have to do other jobs first?
  2. No LCpl and above only as you are not just a driver but a No2.
  3. No.2 sounds like sh*t
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    and I thought Beavis and Butthead were cartoons........

    EOD No2s/Dvrs - what Dingerr said.
    LCpl min rank as more than just driving duties. Also long and often anti-social hours only rarely interspersed with blue light runs in souped up bread vans(pun intended). You will get treated like a grown up however. Some like it and stay, some don't and go back to trucking. Do note that as a driver you cannot stay in EOD and expect to reach high ranks as the bulk of the jobs are JNCO with only a very few sgt/ssgt.

  5. OK thanks for your help.
  6. Unless i'm the Operator then it was always a blue light run.
  7. As has been stated previously:

    - No, you can't go straight in as an EOD Dvr - min rank is LCpl.

    - I believe it is one of the better jobs for a LCpl driver there is, even if only for a bit of fun for a 2-3 years. You will do the 'Blue Light Course' (EOD Van Driver's Course) which is good fun, and may get to do the 'Preston Course' which is the advanced course if you are to be the OC's driver. (OCs get a quite nippy staff car with a covert blue light fit). As a No2 you will assist the ATO (No1 Operator) with all aspects of an EOD incident, and will be responsible for running the ICP, operating the equipment, driving the Wheelbarrow and 'pressing the button' for carrying out a controlled explosion as required.

    - True, you don't get a section of 8 soldiers and DROPS vehs to command, but you will have enormous fun blue-lighting about the country, blowing stuff up and working with some pretty senior people, particularly on the civil police side.

    - There are down sides. Often being on duty (immediate NTM), frequently getting pinged for tours (NI / TELIC / HERRICK), but for a single tour the benefits and fun-factor greatly outweigh this.

    Do it! I would encourage all drivers who have heard about it, or who want to do it to go for it.
  8. But at the end of the day you are still a Trog, doing a job my Granny does getting to Tesco
    If its pretty blue lights you want Join the St Johns Ambulance :twisted:
  9. What, to get to the chippy before it closes?????
  10. That's RE Bomb Disposal.
  11. Hang on! Are you saying your Granny is a No2 doing lots of EOD at TESCOs or that she has a vehicle with blue flashing lights and sirens?
  12. General Melchett

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    Now with red wings.