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EOD books

hello all, just wodering if anyone could give some good recommendations for books related to EOD. i have had a bit of a search around and have found a few but just wondered if those in the know had any favourites.

i am really interested in the ammunition technician/EOD role and have already read "eight lives down" and "a special kind of courage" both of which were excellent reads, especially the latter learning about the progression of EOD in the british army from WWII up to present(ish) day dealing with the troubles.

if anyone could suggest a good informative read it would be greatly appreciated.
I have just written a book (called "Red One" - it's available on Amazon) on my own experiences of IEDD in Iraq. Focusing on my time as ATO Al Amarah during TELIC 7 it describes my tour with the SCOTS DG BG, the incredible work the BG and my own team did during the tour and is an honest account of fear, teamwork and bomb disposal. It also addresses PTSD.

Take a look at it here: here:

Other than that, Chris Hunter's new book is available in April and will be a great read.

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